Two of one color

My one buddy uses two yellows instead of a blue. He is a little higher than me as he started before me. I tried it but seemed not to like it when the blue hit and it said no hero!!! But he says he gets twice as many Mana special hits with two of one color??? Thoughts???

Search MONO, a lot of players use only 1 color at a time, or 4 of one color or 3 and 2. Each correct tile is an accumulation of all 5 heroes and do huge damage. It’s tile damage.

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Stacking multiple heroes of one color is a strategy used by many players. Though the missing colors will only do damage of 1 per tile, the tiles in the colors that you stack in will be stronger. Also, your buddy is correct in that when you stack, each tile of the color you stacked in will contribute mana to each of that color’s heroes.

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The mana rate is the same, but each hero receive the full mana undivided, so when I use only Grimm, I need 10 blue tiles, when I use Grimm and Kiril, 10 blue tiles will charge them both so I can use 2 special skills instead of only 1.

Keep in mind that it works on attack not defense.


Undivided Mana that’s awesome to know that’s how it works !!! Thank you …

Your buddy is perfectly right… except he should be using at least three yellows (against a purple central defender or “tank”) to get some real kick out of color stacking.

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