Two members killed the Titan!

So I’ve found this weird bug, that myself and other member killed the titan at the same time. Also the Titan was a “2 400 000” but I actually summed all the scores from my team and I get a total of “2 428 116” which is exactly more “8116” then it should be.
I believe that this is a bug and should be fixed.

Here are the screenshots:

If I am not mistaken the hit on the titan is submitted after the fight end.
So you both were fighting it in his last few hp and both submitted the hp you removed.
I would not see it as a bug unless they change the way the titan fight work to be in “real time”

That’s why you see lot of those people saying I did my damage, lost connection and the fight did not register because the end fight submitting failed
same for raid and war fight with the exception of war fight you reserve prior to fight so no one else can take it as long as you are on the enemy.

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If a Titan has “2 400 000” and you end up with “2 428 116” of damage, this is clearly a Bug.
I’ll not get into implementation details or how to fix this, I’m just reporting it :slight_smile:

It appears a few people were hitting at the same time. I would recommend your team mates to call their hits when the hp is below 50k.

Well, actually your titan had 2 420 000 points - so you are only the 8116 points above from the other last hitter. And I don’t think it is a bug - I believe it actually happens quite often, when the titan is almost done it and two people are fighting it. I am quite sure it has happened in my alliance. And what difference does it make? You were both credited with the points, which go towards your loot level. Would you want one of your alliance members to lose out on his/her contribution and loot for this?

^^ this.
Your lack of communication isn’t a game bug.

If it were going right down to the wire and you got locked out so someone else could hit, but they failed to kill it and left you without enough time to do so, you would be annoyed. All 30 of you can hit at the same time if you wanted to.
Start letting each other know when you’re going in for the kill as you’re wasting attacks that you can use against the next one.

This has nothing to do with lack of communication. This is not an obvious behaviour and you’ll be “beaten” by it at least once. Then, you’re aware of it and you’ll try mitigate it. Isn’t that what we usually do when we encounter a bug?

The facts are still the same. Why this is bad? Let’s say your entire team 30x members do this. You’ll loose 29 hits for the next titan…

It’s how you deal with a bug, yes, but yet again; this isn’t a bug.
You’re absolutely right, it can happen to everyone and you’ll lose 29 hits for the next titan. Unless you say “going to try for the kill shot” before hitting. That’s how it’s down to a lack of communication, nothing else.

not a bug. has always been this way. has been reported multiple times before and explained a lot. i dont have time to link right now but will later when i have time

Everything to do with lack of communication fella. In the alliance I’m in, wen the titans health is low we communicate etc we will call it as 1 or 2 hits left, so someone will let us know if they’re hitting it etc and if it has any health left someone else can go in. If you opt not to talk to each other and just go all in then it’s your own fault. This isn’t a bug just a massive lack of communication between your alliance members.

Ok, so this is a feature not a bug… This has nothing to do with the fact that multi-player games are complex to do right. No, SG are visionaiers and they built this logic directly into the game engine but they just forgot to add this to all game tutorials. You’re right this is a communication issue, but not from me or all the people that are complaining about this in many other posts in this forum.

By no means is this a mistake. When the last attacks are carried out simultaneously by several players, it is impossible to track the last damage. Let it remain as it is, or else the attack should abort before the time expires when the 2 420,000 joint damage is dealt. In other games, there were attempts to track damage without exceeding the total. This led to the fact that no one was counted damage and the boss was not defeated. (machine translation)

there’s much more to complain about being excluded from the tutorial than this easily avoidable scenario

I’ll try to do a simple explanation. If the titan still has hp left, alliance members can attack it. Let’s take an extreme case where there is only 1 hp left. Two alliance members can begin a fight and get the final strike. Similarly, it’s possible that nobody gets a finishing strike. Say a titan has 11k left and two people attack simultaneously. That means on their screen, they see 11k as the hp left. Say they both knock out 6k. The titan will die but neither of these players laid a finishing strike (either timer ran out or their team died). In both scenarios, if you add up the damage delivered, it will be more than the titan hp. This is the games mechanics.


It happens and sometimes two players will get the same score.

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