Two members attack same team in war

I’m playing war, using my flags and Select One oponent.
A friend in my Alliance choose the same and click to attack before me. They kill only the Tank.
After that, I click in same team and attack. This team have ALL the 5 heroes in the defense team, the tank “return from the dead”…
But my friend Win 16 points for the hero down and I win all 56 points tô take down all tive.


This seems very strange.

I have seen that sometimes that a player’s attack is stuck, but nobody can attack that member, and we needed to wait until a timeout elapsed.

@Dudeious.Maximus can you ask staff to look at it ?

Or this this something what needs a support ticket ?


can you please send a picture from the team of this oponent please?
Also, are you sure you attacked the same person or maybe it was another one in this alliance with the same name?

Good point, do you have more pictures of the other alliance team? or more information to see what is going on

Yes, I’m 100% sure that I attack the same target.

Both attacks was do It on 2 minutes interval, more or less.

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really strange…

But as it was only for your advantage, I wouldn’t issue a support ticket to be honestly :wink:

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Contact support with this issue…

Give as much info as possible… Time and date your player name and your alliance member name too…


I personally think it was a really rare virtually simultaneous timing issue. I find it hard to believe it could be replicated in any remotely meaningful way.

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