Two kinds of people

What other two (or more) kinds of people are there in E&P?

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There’s only one kind.

Nerf the heroes I don’t have, buff the heroes I have.


The Telluria, Vela, Gravemaker trio have dominated the forum for many a month now - way too long.
I really do understand the frustration of some of the players.
And it beggars belief that SG are opening up this can of worms again so soon after the rebalancing. They should realise it will all get toxic very quickly.
You will never make everyone happy with nerf this hero buff that Hero etc.
But my view is - that it’s not just one hero that is the problem it’s the synergy … and if SG make Telluria or vela a mediocre hero, then some different Top line Of defence will appear. Probably made up of expensive shiny new heroes.
How SG squares that with the customer base left holding a weakened Telluria and/or Vela, I have no idea.
It’s a mess …

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Didn’t mean this to be yet another thread about balance issues, “two kinds of people” is a meme of sorts.

What other examples of clearly defined several factions can you also encounter in this game?

Two kinds of people:

  • Those who hate RNG, vs.
  • Masochists

Two kinds of people:

  • Those who think summons are too expensive, vs.
  • Masochists

Two kinds of people:

  • Those who wish unfarmable items could be farmed, or at least dropped more often, vs.
  • Masochists



People who focus on what they don’t have/People who enjoy what they do have

People who encourage one another/People who look for a fight

People with big hearts who express themselves well/People with big hearts who tend to put both feet in their mouths

People who are brave enough to come here and ask questions when they’re just starting/People willing to help (or crush) them

Players/ (rarely)SGG communicators

People who come to the forum to have fun/People who just use it for strategy


Well there’s me, who actually don’t really care about buffing or nerfing her.
I mean, i don’t really mind either.

I’m out of Telluria war zone, i slightly cup dropping (so encounter a bit of diversity) and i don’t possess her.

I have peace of mind, Small Giant can do whatever they want with her.

Change nothing to me.

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People who still believe they can make a difference in the game by interacting on the forum/those who have accepted that SGG doesn’t actually care what we think, or even the Beta testers

Those who get HOTM always after 10 pulls so don’t think nerfs are a big deal/players who spend hundreds of dollars to endlessly summon until they get the hotm and then are very mad when you nerf them.

The super rich who have everything/the players who 100$ is all the money they can spend in a whole year who have a little flexibility/the players who are totally ftp and have finally finished out their first team of 5*s after 2 years.

The guy who wants to see everything burn/the guy carrying around a pale of water in the middle of a house fire thinking they will make a difference(this was me on the forums for a time :smile:


From another thread:


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People who rant on the forum / people who discuss on the forum.



Water? I thought you were the guy carrying the box of matches.

I have a dream …

Those who won’t touch a hero who is not very fast or (at a stretch) fast/those who don’t have tunnel vision

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Those who respect other opinions and those who don’t

Two kinds of people:

  1. Those who believe E&P forums are toxic

  2. Those who have been to forums/subreddits of any esports game.



Two kinds of confirmation bias AKA “stretching the truth” kind of players:

  1. Those who say things like “I spend nothing on the game and I summon like 2 of each HotM every single month from free summons!”


  1. Those who say things like “boards are so rigged, I color stack against titans and 6 months straight now I don’t get one single match for that color!”


Either both of you guys are having extremely wacky majorly extreme variances in RNG compared to the average player, or um… maybe, just maybe possibly shall we say “misinterpreting reality” just a tad bit?