Two important question, expert players answer please?

Guys imagine two hero who increase defense power, when their mana is full we use both immediately , our defence power will be doubled or just second one effect?
Second question, hero who increase attack power, is that effect on troop attack power too? Or just increase attack power of other hero?
Thanks for your kindness and answers in advance

The defense buffs would overwrite unless one is indispellable, an elemental buff, or a defense buff just vs special skills

Attack buffs are typically of the hero’s base stats which are already amp’d by troop effects

Tho will say that freya buffs the attack of minions

Then there are some new attack buffs that only buff the strength of x color tiles


General rule is that two effects indicated by the same icon don’t stack, so if two heroes like Kiril and Wilbur produce defense up, they override each other, one that fired last is in effect.

Troops add to base attack of a hero. Resulting attack value can be increased by applied special. So,

  1. I believe the second effect will be active only (defence buffs usually do not stack; not in described situation; they can in case of elemental buffs - so if you have a hero increasing regular defence [Vivica] and hero increasing holy defence [Domitia], and fire both girls, both defences will be active).
  2. Attack increase changes current total attack power of the hero, which includes troops. So it’s [hero attack power] x [troop attack %] x [attack buff].

Hopefully I got it right, maybe more experienced players correct me.

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This is a good topic you can read. :slight_smile:


So it increase attack of troops too?

Yes, attack buff from special like Boldtusk, will add to our tiles damage (attack of troop). And also add to special that do direct damage.
And the attack buff is also applied to base hero + talent class + troop.

So it can be like this:
Hero base stat + talent class + troop + att buff from special + another attack that stack (Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu Kong).
= will be the attack for any tiles damage and special skill that direct damage (except Miki and Tarlak stack only for normal attack = tiles damage).

I have Brienne (costume) and Willbur(got it yesterday for Atlantis coins). Brienne defense debuff is slightly different than the normal defense debuff of Wilbur. However, I when Brienne fires up after Wilbur, she overwrites Wilbur and debuff goes on to Max at 50 %, as per Brienne’s special.

It is the same, normal defense debuff. Just like Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus (trio ramming pulverizer), and Costume Gunnar, Athena, Isarnia, Valen, White Rabbit, Kunchen, Costume Vivica, Buddy, etc…

Defense that will stack with regular defense debuff is Elemental defense down, and there are only 7 heroes currently: Jackal, Falcon, Almur, Nordri, Evelyn, Frida, and Panther.

I agree, what I meant by different is Brienne’s icon is different. It shows double arrow down, while others show 1 arrow down

@Abhi, yes correct a different icons usually will not overwrite each other, but in this case outside from elemental defense down, it is defined as regular defense down and will not stack.

Rigard costume has that effect to 48 percent

@BraveGirl, yes correct, the same as Boldtusk 48% for 4 turn.
Kiril is only 30% and only 3 turn.
Brienne is 45% for 5 turn, and every turn increased by 20% if hit enemy, so: 45%, 65%, 85%, 105%, 125%.


  • My costumed / emblemed Boldtusk has 701 base attack power. Him alone.
  • My 4* crit troops adds 16% to that, so that nice orc-doctor enters the battle with 701 * 1,16 = 813 AP, no buffs.
  • When he manages to fire, his special adds 48% on top of that, so 813 * 1,48 = 1203 AP total.

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