Two (important) ideas - Prevent duplicate summoned 5* heroes & transform epic ascension materials

Hi all. :wink:

I startet playing E&P some time ago and I have to admit: I love it! I love the basic ideas of the game and how SG managed it to connect so many different aspects of game stiles. But since I am playing for some while now, I also noticed some problems and issues within the game that need to be fixed and changed.

First of all: the problem of getting a very, very rare 5 star hero twice instead of two different heroes. Here is the idea to change this issue and to make many, many players happy again:

Please implement a feature that makes it impossible to get the same 5 star hero twice, before you have gotten all the other possible 5 star heroes of that particular colour (or event). (Maybe you know the game Hearthstone from Blizzard. They just implemented a feature like this and it works! Everybody is satisfied ;-)).

You just have to bring this feature for the most rare heroes (only 5 star heroes by example) and it would make a lot of frustration and anger amongst all players just go away. In the end it would be possible to get some legendary heroes twice or more, but not before you already got all the other 5 star heroes (of the same colour maybe; and maybe it would be good to exclude the HotM from this rule). Please think about it: you will not loose money when bringing this feature! When players know that they will have a better chance to get their wanted hero after they got the wrong one(s) before they will continue buying Juwels to buy more heroes instead of being frustrated and stopping spending money for the game!

Here comes my second idea:

It’s about the problem with the rare ascension items. They are way too rare to get and it happens very often that you get the wrong one. So, what can we do? You don’t want to make it too easy, I can understand that. And you don’t seem to be willing to add a trading system so players could just trade one item against another. I accept that, too. Here is the solution:

Please add a system to transfer game items to something else (you can give it some nice name like stardust or whatever) which they can use to craft their wanted items. You can make it incredible expensive (so that players will need lots of disassembled items to just craft one new item, but please make it possible to transform farmable items (some 4 star- and all 3 star and lower ascension items) into this rare 4 and 5 star ascension items which right now only can be found (with a huge amount of luck) in challenge rewards, Titan loot boxes and so on OR be bought with lots of money. It still will be hard enough to get these ascension materials so many players will consider buying them but it would also stop all the others from complaining about pay to win and worse.

Soo… thats all so far. Please let me know what you think about that. :smiley:

Those both seem reasonable. Fingers crossed.


I like your ideas for the 5* heroes; I remember doing several 10 pulls in the fire element and pulled 5 Azlars basically one after the other. Same thing with Justice, Elkanen and Kadilen. They love giving me duplicates, although I’m very happy with my second Hel. I think as long as it excludes HOTM, it could work. Only thing is some duplicate 5* are better than a new 5*. Like Lianna; I would rather get two of her than one of Elkanen. So it has it’s flaws, but ultimately I think the playerbase would be happier. It’s always nice getting a new card, especially if you have the mentality like me and want to ‘collect them all’. It’s already hard enough to pull a 5, but when it’s a duplicate instead of new it really burns, since your lucky break 1% chance is used on a card you’ll either never really use, or feed away.
As for the ascension items, it sounds similar to the Alchemy lab that was suggested previously on this forum. Overall great ideas and I think they could help a lot and improve the quality of this game. As it is now, there’s no real hope in getting what you want/need other than patience and the occasional quest, so having more solid opportunities, regardless of cost or time, is enough to set more goals in place, and have something more to strive for.
Thank you for sharing your ideas. Overall I think they could help to improve this game quite a bit, and they’re more realistic than trading since SG has clearly stated that that will never be something that’s implemented, so at the very least plausible.


You’re concept regarding 5stars is an interesting take and I could see a number of people very happy with such a change. However I’ve observed a few people in then top 100 that run duplicate 5* (most notably Gravemaker) and I’d be interested in their response. Perhaps a small revision where the HotM pull is not affected by this particular rule change would be palatable to them.

Honestly the concept of breaking down items is a novel one. Personally though I’d prefer a new buiding where for a rather hefty sum of iron you could simply exhange an existing 3 or 4 star ascension material for another of equal value on a substantial CD, but your inclusion of farmables has me intrigued. Overall I think it’s a pretty good idea

In all honesty, I’d rather get two Magnis than Magni and Thorne.


Hi and thanks for your feedback so far. :slight_smile: I think an Alchemie lab as being described before in this forum would be great. Maybe it’s possible to combine that with what I described.

@Paulon @RandaPanduh @Aelryc We all agree on that HotM should not be included in such a new feature, as I already wrote. I mean it wouldn’t work because of the special summon rules the HotMs have (every summon of a hero with Juwels has a chance to get a HotM; it wouldn’t be good to change that).
About the fact that many players indeed would like to get some of their favourite heroes twice: that still would be possible! :wink: They just have to get all 5 star heroes of the same colour first. Considering the fact that it IS NOT yet guaranteed to get 2 Magni instead of two Thornes or two Lianna instead of two Elkanen, I would prefer to get all of them at least once before being able to get a dublication. Wouldn’t you, too?


You’re very welcome. I’m fairly certain the Alchemy Lab idea, which is very similar to what you suggested, is the most voted for feature that has yet to be implemented. Ultimately, I think that would be the best way for the entire playerbase to get ascension items sincd it includes everyone, not just PTW, but it’s still something the devs haven’t put into implementation and we don’t quite know if they ever will. They haven’t necessarily dismissed the idea, but it doesn’t seem like they plan to add it as a new feature anytime soon either. I hope by spreading these amazing ideas around, and by getting more support from a majority of the playerbase, it could help expedite that process.

As for the heroes, I think we can all agree we’d rather have two duplicates of an amazing card, rather than getting one good and one bad one, but you’re right- there is no guarantee that would even happen. It would take slightly longer to get a dupe of your favorite card, (possibly a very long time depending on your luck) so like I said before, it has it’s flaws, but I think there are more people out there who get frustrated at getting a crappy dupe than getting their first copy of a crappy card. Maybe instead of not allowing dupes until you’ve collected all of the cards in that color, they could (slightly) raise the odds of the other cards so that you have a higher chance to pull a new one when compared to the cards you have of that same rarity (kind of like how Atlantis works), but it would still be possible to pull a dupe, just not as likely. Idk, just a thought.

Like I said before, both are solid ideas but I’d push for the building to create mats first, since that could help everyone exponentially; whereas the hero idea would be nice to help avoid some disappointment, but not as crucial to implement.


I completely agree with you @RandaPanduh :slight_smile:
Soo… what can I do to help pushing the idea?


That’s a great idea. I want to suggest to expand this feature to all possibile levels and heroes (excepting HotM).
I was really frustrated when I spent 300 gems to 3-5* summon, get 3* and following it got THE SAME 3* hero from free 1-3* summon. I got this situation three times. That was a total failure and lost of 900 gems :frowning:
That’s why I realy was thinking about stop playing this game.
Your idea od absolutny great and I’m for it. It gives more variety and let both paying and unpaying players Givenchy more staisfaction grom the game :wink:

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Thank you for sharing your ideas, I was trying to figure out how to post pretty much the same, I get so frustrated getting the same heros all the time. I end up spending a lot of gems and get duplicates of heros I already have. Can you figure out a way to reduce the chance of this happening.