Two Green Defense Team - Updated with screenshot of heros

I have a decent lineup of 5* heros but none past 3/70. I am trying to determine my best defensive lineup to spend ascension mats on. Tell me the holes in this defensive team idea… Vivica, Zeline, Ares, Evelyn, Khoina.

Obviously it will take a while to get the second green ascended, but for now I have a Grimm to hang out on the wings.

Do you have a screenshot so that people can see what you are working with in your roster?

Evelyn should fire first before Zeline to get the most out of the nature debuff. If khiona is on the end you’re not getting value out of her ability. Nobody can help you with an offensive lineup because it depends on the defending team’s lineup.

Yes but she’s my best hitter… I do have a Kadilen

Putting two Nature heroes on either side of Ares is fairly solid. It does invite a red stack, though. With Falcon hit3, your center is vulnerable. I also don’t like putting Slow healers in the corner (unless it’s Alberich or Mother North). You might consider this ordering: Evelyn / Khiona / Ares / Vivica / Zeline.

This has the problem of putting Khiona and Ares proximate, where their attack buffs collide.

The biggest issue I have is that you’re using 5* 3/70. My guess is that you can field a stronger defense with 4* 4/70. ?


No on the 4 stars. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to get Khoina, Ares, Vivica the first week or two I played the game on 3 10 pull summons. Did another couple of pulls the next month and got Aeger and Thorne, then this month got all green 5*. Cost me about $150 in total so I’m done for a looong time spending $$$ lol. I had no idea how lucky I was until I did some research and got into the game. So needless to say I haven’t spent much time on my 4 stars.

Wow, you were lucky! Usually that many 5* is an indication of a lot of 4* hanging around. 4* are really the backbone of the game—5* are so expensive to level that they fall into a luxury category.

4* can be had for free in Training Camp 13 and, better yet, 20. I’d urge you to push towards them to build out more depth on your bench. Being able to swap around heroes results in much better outcomes on offense (raids, titans, wars).

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Thanks Kerri. I was kinda leaning that way already after I get Zeline to 3/70. I’ll finish Grimm and start on Wu after that. I have a crazy stable of 4 stars to be lvled for sure.

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I’m happy to kibitz on 4* training priorities, I always urge matched-color training, which gets a team trained 20% faster than doing one hero at a time.

Yes, never understood NOT color matching. Thanks again for the reply!

If you want to use a particular new hero faster you should do power leveling. But unless you don’t mind slowly upping heroes then color matching does have better efficiency in the long term.

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I power level.

I understand color matching, but getting someone I can use in 2 weeks vs waiting several months means I can be more competitive sooner on events, titans, raids, better war defense, etc.
That means better rewards, like AMs from better titan scores, sooner that I can use to improve, level the next person faster, get better heroes, etc.

If my level up squad consists of heroes that won’t provide immediate benefits, then I’ll color match. Example - heroes that I can use to replace a 3* on my 5th or 6th war attacking war team.


Makes sense to me 20 characters

For me, the 20% bonus for feeding on color trumps the need for immediate results with one hero as a general rule. But that’s just 'cuz I’m good with patience, and hate inefficiency at a personal level. Most of you probably aren’t like me!

For a new player working on their first two rainbow teams of level 70 heroes, this is very strongly true.

For a player who already has 40 level 70+ heroes, power leveling one or at most 2-3 heroes at once makes a lot more sense, especially if those heroes are ones that will make a real difference on raid defense, against titans, or raid offense, instead of just being another war filler hero.

For the many players inbetween those extremes, you kinda pick what you like / what works for you.

As a side note, I’ve been surprised to find how much I like using my second Grimm, although as soon as I get and max a second blue 5* that works on raid offense, that’s probably going to end. The Grimm / Drake / Alasie / Delilah / Grimm raid team is pretty amazing for me against red tanks.


I accidentally ascended a 2nd Grimm. Meant to leave him at 3/60, but the 2nd full Grimm has been a staple in my raiding, and now I’m glad I did.

Do you have him on both wings? I have Tiburtus and Gormek as well lol

Does not matter unless you are pairing the Grimms with buffers like Ares and Khiona where they only buff those beside them or even Magni on offense.

I would not use 2 Grimms on defense unless you are playing in the Gold tier.

I think Grimm, Evelyn, Ares, Zeline, Tiburtus would be a pretty salty defense myself.

Your heroes line look 80% similar like mine, so read your post is useful for me also. :smile:.
My current defense is :
Kiril, khiona, Ares, hansel, Vivica. ( Will change hansel if Evelyn strong enough)

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