Two games in one?

E&P after these greedy and nonsense 2nd LB thing became two games in one actually. One for those who can afford the expensive prices to keep everything in competitive leves and other for normal people that no longer have any chance of being competitive in the face of SG limitless greed.

They should make two separate games. One for money big sharks and the other for regular folks. Better than create this colossal in-game abyss of imbalance that they have managed to implement.

SG/Zynga/TakeTwo…or whoever controls this game… respect your community, respect the balance, respect the game. Listen to your players!

Aethers Pulls? Alphas for sell? 2LB? Where the f…is the balance SG? The game is rotting from inside. and it´s your fault.


I don’t feel this way. And I don’t see why this is the thing that breaks the game when everything before it didn’t.


Can you explain which events or activities that those who can afford all the deals will auto-win against those who can’t afford them?


There´s no auto-win and no guarantee anywhere. Actually most of the time you buy probabilities. But Facing 5800* teams on wars will be very fair insn´t? Nothing that a Credit Card can´t solve…

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Who is facing 5800 teams in wars? Mainly those who also have 5800 teams, no? Or its a mixed alliance with some 5800 teams and some not… in which case if you struggle against those then your alliance members with 5800 teams can tkae a shot at them?

Even if defenses leap ahead of offenses and win rate goes down… it will go down for all teams. Hence, it is “fair”.


I see. Maybe in wars we still haven´t such imbalances, but in raids there are already such bizarre credit-card driven things. Just my opinion though.

Not really. In last war enemy had 14 tanks on lvl 90. And some more teams with a flank at lvl 90.
In our allance only one player had a 2LBd 5* in a def team. So the war matchmaking evidently does’n work so well.

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So now that whales have 3 or 4 or 5 LB2d heroes in defense everyone else will fall out of diamond?


There are dozens of games in one. Limiting this discussion to two is a false dichotomy. The key to enjoying this game is to find your place in it. You might be a whale at the top. You might be F2P working their way through what ever difficulty you find yourself in. You might be somewhere in the middle. If you’re enjoying yourself, great. The problem comes when players come here and complain that THEY are being treated unfairly. You’re not. You’re just like everyone else… a string of numbers to log onto an account.


@Homaclese What part of “my opinion” don’t you understand? I just think this 2nd LB crap is for pay-to-win players. And yes, I think it makes the game unbalanced and unfair. More than ever.

@Mikal of course everyone is a number for SG. Actually Zynga TOS says the account is not even ours. LOL!!

We all are just gears in billion business model.

And this is why I don’t agree with your statement (other than the fact that you generally won’t have to fight teams that are way above your weight class, unless you choose to do so)


A company that has two different things? strange. Like a car company that offers a value car and a luxury one. Like a housing manufacturer that builds house one the beach and in the desert?

You want to compete with the high level without spending, it ain’t going to be easy. I’m not willing to spend at that level, but I know my limits. Yup, there are defenses that are going to beat my team 80% of the time, but I’m aware of that. I’m just happy I didn’t spend much money on a game that there is no such thing as “winning”.

Yup, they are greedy with the amount of deals but somehow I click the X button without coming to post about corporate greed 50 times a day. Some people’s attitudes is causing them to rot from the inside, yet they keep drinking the poison that is creating these symptoms. Two forums in one, one to seek info and the other to do nothing but rant.


There’s been some shenanigans of letting matchmaking happen and then power levelling. We track Top 100 scores and there’s been some massive changes before and after.


Well near a 5800

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I think the argument he’s making is that the f2p could compete in events on somewhat even footing. That is no longer the case. Can a f2p win an event occasionally? Sure. The best team doesn’t always win. But the tagline of “progressing at a faster rate” certainly doesn’t mean what it used to.

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What events are you talking about? Challenge events? Yeah I agree that those with the best teams will almost always place higher in those. Tower events too. But should you really be able to always compete on equal footing against those with rosters much deeper than yours?

Wars: Matchmaking generally places you in a similar alliance to yours. You either go for O/S or cleans depending on how you rank within your own alliance

Raids: You generally raid at a cup level that you can sustain where others are of similar power to you. Not always true granted - I mostly face defenses that are 400-800 TP higher than me and there are many monsterish defenses even at low to mid diamond. But you have the choice to not attack them…

W3K: You get placed with other players of similar roster

Tournies: You face players with similar rosters initially. The better you do the harder the opponents become. But I had many top 5% and top 1% finishes in the first 6 months of my FTP account

So I think in many areas of the game you face off against other players of a similar level to yourself. There is some PVE content where that isn’t true but I’m curious to know where else you think that isn’t true.

I’m simply stating that back in the early stages of the game, it was a relatively even playing field where a well constructed attack team and solid board skills could enable a player to more consistently beat someone who spent money. Does that still happen? Absolutely. Does it happen at a much lower rate? Also true. I’m not going to sit here and argue that f2p should be able to win 50% of the time, because if that were the case the game would have died years ago.

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So Im curious vs the very strongest defense in the game - pre LB2 - what % win rate should an average “veteran” FTP be able to hit?

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