Two experienced players looking for a new Alliance

My Alliance mate and I are looking to make a move to a different Alliance. We both have War defenses of about 4400-4500 TP depending on whatever special is in effect. War must be free for all, but we both take the time to actually think before launching our War attacks and consider the situation before us. We hit 10-11* star titans and are very comfortable in that range. We hit titans every day and do fairly well. Probably in the range of 35-40k per attack on average. Not looking to hit above 11* titans right now because it is a drain on resources. We both have several 5* heroes, but mostly make the most out of our 4* guys because we are C2P. We play all events, challenges, etc. Don’t want an Alliance with a cup requirement. Anyway, thanks for reading.


Hi, Dragon Cohort TMA is a active but still relaxed alliance…we do coordinate tanks/flanks but no spreadsheets or micromanagement, titans requirements are simply hit the darn thing…mega hits and tons of resources are not nessasary…titans are a team effort. We are comfortable with 10/12* and do let some of them go. Most importantly is to be happy, have fun and participate. If this sounds attractive to you…give a knock and we’ll let you in… warning …some of us are a bit chatty…lol…
P.s. we have line available if you like… :slight_smile:
Good luck!


You would be welcome in Poseidon’s Warriors. We hit titans between 8* and 10* depending on how full the alliance is. War is free for all. We use coordinating tanks and ask that all war flags be used if opted in. We do have a cup requirement but its not required to be maintained. I can drop the cups if you don’t have enough to join. We are family friendly, relaxed and understanding. We have mostly FTP and CTP members. Most of us have families and or work requirements. We are always willing to give advice if asked. Come check us out. Stay if you want or leave no questions asked.

Check out TBD: part deux

Awesome group of people, good war strategy (currently FFA for all wars), hitting 11-12* titans (all rares are killed regardless of level). Very in-depth discord server available if you’re into that. Line used to share videos of matches, if you’re into that.


Throwing in a vote for either Dragon Cohort or TBD Part Deux - both alliances have great people who’d make you both feel welcomed.

GL in your decision making.

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Got room for both of you in The 2 Richard’s Tavern. We do use blue tanks at this time. War is free for all and do appreciate people taking time and choosing targets wisely. We normally stay around 9 - 11* titans depending on the color. We are not a huge stickler on titan hits but are very much concerned and watch to make sure all war attacks are used. We also have our own alliance tournament going with winners receiving google play/Itunes(?) cards. If interested, contact me via line at Wolfwarrior66. I have to move a dup account out to make room. Or one apply and let me know and I will make room.

You are welcomed to Batman&Derric. We hit 10-11* titans. Dark tanks for wars and use all flags, hitting of titans is optional

Join BACKWARDS PLAYERS 10 and 11 star titans. 23 members currently. Purple war tanks and we’ll rotate colors when we get bored. Free for all on attacks. Good group of people. All levels welcome.

Also throwing my hat into the ring for TBD - we hit 12* but no expectation of minimum contribution. It’s a fun place to hang out!

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Rooting for Dragons Cohort TMA, terrific supportive chilled alliance but likes to kill titans and win wars

Come on over and pay us a visit, you know you want to :+1:

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Yeshuas Army has a few spots open. We are a Christian based alliance hitting 9 and 10* titans. Diverse set of players from around the world and power levels. Have a few heavy hitters and a lot of middle range players and as well a few newer players. Nice relaxed atmosphere and only rule we really enforce is asking people to use their war flags if they opt in. Good luck in your search for a new home for your heroes! :nerd_face:

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We fit your criteria perfectly. Slaying 10-11* titans.
We rotate war tanks element monthly. Hit whenever you can. Opt out as you want.
Would love to have you both at Animated Assassins.

Yo Christian, you pretty much explained our team. Hitting 10 and 11 star titans, war hits not coordinated but we do have discussions in game. Totally relaxed and yes, all unused war flags must be accounted for.

Give us a shot at De Raptors. I’ll welcome you personally!


@Chadmo @Sarah2 @L33tVortex12596 @Rachel1 @Control_Freq @Wolfwarrior @Tidyup @hozilla @AnimatedAssassin, and others, thank you all for your responses. After I made my original post, my Alliance mate committed us to another Alliance. If it doesn’t work out, I will certainly keep in mind the Alliances that you all suggested to me. Thanks again!


Best of luck in the portals…have fun in the game!

Do you have LINE or Discord? I have a couple of questions. Thanks

Sure. Our IT guy is coming in here for the Discord link. Thanks!!

Here is our discord:

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Thanks Ship!

20 you’re awesomes

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