Two elemental chests at the same time?

Months ago I watched a video of a Russian player with all of the three chests turned into elemental chest. I won’t be able to provide the link because it is Russian, then I cannot search for it.

That is perfectly normal. Elemental chests can replace any of the three chests, even the titan one, but that last one is an extremely rare occurrence…

Yep, just had my titan chest turn, which was what peaked my curiosity.

Will try and fill monster chest, but I have updated to version 22 and can’t raid. Don’t what to miss out on too many titan ticks.

You don’t have to raid in order to fill the elemental chest. Just look for map stages with monsters of the needed color.

No but if want to have 2 elemental it will increase my chance if I fill both monster and raid :slight_smile:

Oh, I see, good luck with that, but that’s a log shot… you’ll have to be real careful not to fill the existing chest before another will emerge… titan chests rewards ain’t that good, so missing a few isn’t going to be a real problem…

I didn’t know that was possible doesn’t it take 40+ chests before an elemental pops up?

Don’t know the frequency, but in theory it should be possible to avoid killing monsters and heroes of a certain color, indefinitely… Of course that would come with a price far greater than a dual elemental chest could ever compensate…

There is a topic where that data is being tracked.

There is a way to test if you can have 2 elemental chests at the same time.

Wait until 1 elemental chest appears and then start filling like crazy other chests.

Lets say hero chest is replaced with elemental chest, then just fill over and over again monster chest to see if it also turns to elemental.

Of course that demands a lot of gems in order to buy flasks and accelerate opening chests. I wonder if anybody ever tried this.

Will likely tire of it long before succes - if it ever will happen. But I can just leave the chest filled but not open it.


Someone here will do it. Just won’t be me :slight_smile:

EDIT: woops… anyone has already did that?

If this topic had come up several months ago, I probably would have left my Rare elemental wanted mission chest unopened to try and fill all three slots with rare chests. But they just started to roll out v22 and I want all the iron I can get, including iron from chests.

It’s not that rare:


I usually wait for my monster chest if elemental chest spawn on the raid one, but in two years it never happen to have more then one up.

Not really sure it is possible.

It is, because the titan chest will only have a chance of becoming elemental once every 5 days, at best, while the other two get the same chance twice every day… elemental chests will spawn in whatever slot is free when they are due, at least that’s what I think. So there is little chance of spawning at the exact time the titan chest is empty…

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I once had 2 elemental chests at the same time. Neither was titan. As I recall i think 1 dark and 1 nature.

Didn’t think to do a screenshot.


I really don’t think it’s that rare, just not common.

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Just got an elemental chest in the titan slot. My first time seeing that.

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