Two days after update why can others attack me but I can’t revenge?

I can only post one picture at a time. Here is someone who attacked me 20 hours ago but I’m unable to revenge back.

Bug or maybe hacked app?

They haven’t updated yet. Same problem here.


Ah, but then there is a loophole correct? Shouldn’t the protection from attack work both ways?

I updated two days ago (over 48 hours) yet within 20 hours they are able to attack me scot-free.

All they have to do is wait long enough and they will drop off my revenge list.

Yeah, feels like a loophole. I don’t definitively know for sure that is why but the last two updates I have noticed this phenomenon.

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If I would have that problem, I would look for another opponent. Why is it so important, to revenge?

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I thought I was imagining it and didn’t say anything the first time. Glad to see I was not noticing the game play loophole.

I revenge when I know I have an edge back. Typically in the form of resources gained over what was taken from me. Trophies mean nothing to me.

I also have a problem with someone attacking me with an unearned “protective shield” because of an update loophole. Wouldn’t you consider that an unfair advantage?

Lets flip it around.

The incentive is to not update (or be the last to) because you can also only be targeted by those lesser versions than you. Yet you can target others.

So I still have the previous version of the app. I can install that one and use the loophole.

Become invisible from all targeting (rerolls won’t see me) and revenge yet able to attack others regardless of their app version old or new.

I’m pretty sure, no one would ignore the update, because he is save from revenge.
And you don’t know, if you try to get your revenge, if you win (to lose is an option) and if he still has “your”
Maybe he took 50k from you and when you revenge (and win), you only get 5k back…

I think you take this too personal…

You aren’t getting my point.

If I downgrade my app, I too will be protected from direct targeting (rerolls) as well as revenge from attacks I make.

Yes when someone attacks me, they get a portion of my resources from the outpost tower. I attack back when I know I can get a lot more back. (Immaterial from being immune from the pvp portion of the game with this loophole)

That’s certainly a nice player “feature” the developers did not intend, correct? Might I say a classic definition of a bug?

Is it possible that these players you can’t attack are just online currently?

I don’t condone an “unearned protection shield”, but I do appreciate that the game doesn’t force me to update (sometimes I might not want a new feature—Le gasp!—and I like being the one who chooses to press the button. That said, how would you solve this?

P.S. See this:

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those online would be listed as Last Active : now. In the screen shots i provided it said Last Active : unknown. Plus it displays player has different app version.

I did notice the notice about update process after my post. So I guess unearned protection shield goes with the territory.

As a game designer, I’d stick with the two to three day update process since it won’t overload my app servers. I’d instead restrict pvp attacks to same app levels rather than allow one version to “punch up/down”.

For those that pvp attack and then upgrade, I’d flag that interaction so it wouldn’t fall off/time out from the revenge list. This preserves the victim’s choice if they want to revenge or not rather than not giving them a choice at all.

Or not permit one version to hit the other?

That is a possibility but would disincentivize the early updaters.

It would be even simpler to have a pvp cooloff by preventing all pvp during the update period. For instance this 1.7 to 1.8 update a number of are having trouble updating (and risking having their advances wiped)

I always preach follow the incentives. If the incentives are aligned properly, you can get a nice flowing and enjoyable game. So it all depends on what the developer of Empires and Puzzles want.