Two cheaters in AW

deux joueurs de cette alliance trichent merci de faire le nécessaire

When you see players use the “1-Hero Defense”, Target the other teams that have full heroes: they are worth full points.

Quand vous voyez des joueurs utiliser la “Défense 1-Héros”, Cibler les autres équipes qui ont des héros complets: elles valent des points complets.


What if there no other players?
There no score for defeating all teams? Just respawn?
Then it’s best defence strategy. 6x6x30=1080. It’s max of points could be earned against Tudan formation.

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From what I understand there’s always a total of points in AW. Then they’re divided across teams depending on their power.

So say, you can get 3500 (random number) points for defeating entire alliance. These points are divided by all teams. Let’s say 15 weak teams are worth 3 points each, the stronger 15 will be worth 231 each (provided they’re the same power, of course, just for simplicity’s sake here).

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Hello, these strategies are often used unfortunately. I do not like, it’s not fair play.
we also have identical opponents.

Good Luck!!!

Do not hit these weak teams, who you know are not worth much. Go after the stronger teams. They have concentrated their points in just a few people; you defeat those people, you get the lion share of the points! :slight_smile:

Ne frappez pas ces équipes faibles, dont vous savez qu’elles ne valent pas grand-chose. Allez après les équipes les plus fortes. Ils ont concentré leurs points dans seulement quelques personnes; vous vaincre ces gens, vous obtenez la part du lion des points!


That is not cheating. It is, however, a losing tactic that you ought to be able to beat easily.


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