Two bugs. One yesterday and one today

Bug: I beat season 2 22-9 hard and it still says I need to finish it. Beat it three times and still no credit for it.

In the challenge that had frozen blocks. At least five times I made connections of five jewels and no diamond appeared.

I guess four times is the charm. Finally worked after wasting a ton of time and world energy

I don’t know about the first item listed, but I do know about the second item. When you move a block to create a diamond, if that block you moved is frozen, it will not create the diamond, it will just un-freeze the block like normal. However, if the block you move is not frozen, it will create a diamond. Same with creating the dragon heads.

However, what I don’t know is, if the diamond is created during a cascade, I haven’t figured out if there’s a pattern to which tile the diamond is created on. But, if the diamond would be created on a tile that is frozen, then the same thing happens… The tile is unfrozen, but no diamond is created.


Make sure you aren’t accidentally playing it on normal. Sometime the toggle gets changed and makes you think you’re on the wrong one.


It all depends on where th RNG allocated the “seed” having been for a cascade diamond. If it allocated it to a frozen block it’s the same as if U matched (swiped,/ swapped) in a frozen block. The block is unfrozen and thus cannot be morphed


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