Twilights Bastion Recruiting πŸŒ… 9/10* Titans


  • experienced players wanting an active but chill home

Alliance: Twilights Bastion

10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy/red tanks)

We are long running alliance with good vibes.

  1. strong, fair leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. knowledgeable players willing to offer advice
  5. Active Line group chat with deep player resources

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here:

Good Luck FightHappy. We battled you in the last war (De Raptors) and you beat us pretty soundly. I knew I recognized your name.



Was it rush attack or undead horde? RNG may have favored us w better starting boards.

Oh I wish I had took some video to share! Dang… sorry for the missed op~

I hope we get matched again someday~ And the winds of RNG blow your way~

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