TWILIGHTS BASTION 🟠 9-10* Titans / No Drama Mo Loot

Alliance: :crossed_swords: Twilights Bastion :crossed_swords:

  • stringing 10* titans when full
  • long running alliance with low turnover
  • active global members and leadership
  • war optional; basic war strategy covering all time zones

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here:

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Post withdrawn by author

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Lol… you may have misread the post… :wink:

But come check US out first lol … frogs are cool


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Come check out the 8th legion. We are drama free and everyone is active on a daily basis. Sometimes we get chatty, but mostly we can be quiet too. Come check us out and stay awhile. Love to battle at your side.

9th legion sorry. Again we would love to have you.

You might as well delete this thread and start over, @fight_happy - so far nobody understands that you’re looking for new members, not a new alliance.

I think some people will do what they normally do on the Internet, not read closely and just click.


My first sentence on the post is clear … a spot is open in an alliance.

Why don’t you come check us out since this post is recruiting for our alliance, lol,

So sorry @fight_happy. I will remove my post. You are right I did miss read.

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You title, however, is not. Suggest you add the word wanted in front to clear up the confusion.

I actually thought the post was the first response to the requrst for a new alliance…

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Thank u~! Took your advice

Reply to keep this post alive.

Anyone happening to stumble on this post… please enjoy this smartphone wallpaper :blue_heart:

are you still looking?

@JGE did your group of 5 find a home yet?

If not… swing by our Chat Group here:

and holla at me (fight happy) or afffds (leader)


  • experienced players wanting an active but chill home
  • Mid-level players looking for helpful fun alliance to progress

Alliance: Twilights Bastion


10* titans

War Optional (basic war strategy)

We are active but keep it chill (respect real life, but also maintain our house rules to respect all players.)

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

Drop in and say hello in game, or if you use Line pop into our Chat Group here:

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