🍵 Tweedles – 5* Dark / Purple from Riddles of Wonderland

I don’t see him as an anti-taunter because of it’s speed. Definitely good for titans and if you have a good support team and lucky boards he’s also good for PvP for sure (two really good sniper hits).

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Anti taunter for rush only. He pretty much steamrolls over them

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Once the purple super elemental 4 star is released that makes the enemies share damage, this hero should be absolutely insane in events.


Finished legendary for the free coins and managed to pull them. With no purples to work on, they’re getting leveled :slightly_smiling_face:


Gratz bro, I didn’t think it was possible to pull him. I thought it was a ruse to make everyone spend, and the twins’ drop rate was non-existent.

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The more accurate formula is in my post on same thread…
And according to the same, following are the numbers…

1196 * 2 = 2392
224 * 9 = 2016

18.65 % more…
It’s still more for tweedles… but not 44%
JFYI… and hope it helps.

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Just pulled these two with my free pulls and I’m excited. At 600% they’re gonna hit like a truck!


with Xno, he only needs 9 boards to cast the skill. Good hero.

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I just leveled MN before pulling this card, so its a slow level up here. Currently at 1/32, when they hit one hero, its for 1500, give or take. Thats crazy already. Of course thats with attack up, defense down, but i dont expect them to be a one man wrecking crew. They’ll definitely have a spot for those pesky taunt heros. The randomness sucks and using just for auto taunt, taunt heroes is a bit niche but who cares, another tool in the bag that’ll open up the door for my other heroes.

Im happy to have pulled them

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when I pulled him, I thought he would be great for taunters. Not on my primary team, but will be used in wars and raids with taunters.

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This hero should have Average mana speed. What s also annoying is that he hits heroes that are going to revive again so waisting hits. And his randomness… My intention was to 2lb him but playing with him I changed my mind.

The noise this hero makes is awful. Needs to be changed as well.

I used mine on a taunter today. Perfection :slight_smile:

Looks like artwork to me

I’ve used him on taunters too. Try him on a Titan. both attacks have one place to go so you instantly get that 20% back plus both attacks 1200% damage and 50% reduction in attack and defense for the titan.

He has some use on MT

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He is great with Xnolphod, going same speed as average/ most of times fast speed heroes and doing most harm in comparison to them :wink:

Used the twins at 3/70 on MT for this score…so yeah totally agree with use on titans… :grin:

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Sound effect of this hero special it’s similar to a c-o-c-k (the bird) yelling. Unless tweedle is a bird his sound effect it’s the worst in the game and needs to be changed. Increase his hit to 650%. His randomness hits and slow speed have kill this hero before he kills the enemies. Eset found her match. Weird that system doesn’t allow me to write the word c-o-c-k properly. Its an animal after all.

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I agree that sound effect is weird. But if he hits 2 or three times in raid its a win. He is not only an anti taunter. Definitely deserves the aethers and maybe 2lb for a f2p.

I got him with the coins I got from completing legendary! I did 6 and I only got c Guardian Jackal (also a new one).
I’m looking forward to using him against titans.