Tweaks to Purchasing Stuff

Two ideas for purchasing stuff:

  1. If there are multiple items in stock, please add a quantity button. It is a pain when you get those specials for $1.99 and it says 4 or 5 in stock and you have to go thru multiple transactions if you are purchasing more than one. You this available for using loot tickets. Why not here?

  2. For special offer events, like the Christmas/Advent Calendar: can you possibly allow a purchase price in both cash and gems, please? Seems it would easier on the players and might increase sales. I know in the past I got a play card and faced with do I hold onto the credit amount to see if there is a good offer coming up or go ahead and purchase the best pack of gems? Either way, you’re making money and it might help some players whose significant other keeps them on a gaming allowance (or so I’ve heard) be able to purchase more things. In the end, you still make money!!!


Your first suggestion is not new. I’ve provided a link below if you want to add support to that idea.

The latter may be unique. I’ll post if I find a similar idea. I’d note though that those calendar deals typically are for gems with bonuses, hence the special. So you’re basically asking to buy gems for gems. Or you’re asking to buy the other stuff with gems as you don’t really care about the gems. Many of those items are already available with gems. Some are available straight up, some are available with a little RNG tied to it.


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