Tweaking the revenge bar

Some like while many really hate it; let’s find a minor fix all can agree on.

My idea would be the arrows have to take a hero’s defense in to account. This would make it like a special skill from a sixth defender with average mana speed. And the speed does increase as defenders fall.

Other ideas?

My Tweak for the revenge bar would involve using a sledge hammer, grenade & Tank to bulldoze over it.
It’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a game.

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I do not actually have to witness it for 8 hours.

But, I will do what you ask.

They changed it for this upcoming war by increasing its timer by 1 turn. I think that should make it balanced enough.


Indeed; I win 80-90% depending on board luck any given day of my raids against top 100 opponents: the revenge bar is necessary in order to have some semblance of defense frankly.

As it is I’m concerned they may have made it too low for too easy of kills with the current revive timer… waiting to see what this war brings though.

Unlike the some I consider the Revenge bar to be one of the smartest decisions ever made by SG: it forces most alliances to have their members work together to kill opponents… get the players out of their individual phone mindset and get them into actual team play which titans absolutely are not.

Fantastic socialization feature as a result of AW, and without the revenge bar it’d probably just devolve back to a bunch of individuals again.

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I’m noticing more one hit KO’s (you know what I mean) of teams in this iteration with the slower revenge bar, even by a turn.

I also personally like the wrinkle.


I like the revenge bar…it adds a fun little twist to a standard raid and also makes healers even more important. I hope they don’t change the bar. If it stops the complaining about it though, drop the damage it does from 25% to 20%…again though, I’m in favor of leaving it the way it is


My take from reading here and elsewhere is the divide runs mostly between those seeking mats and those seeking 4*s. The lower levels are dieing as healers keep the defense alive and arrows do their work.

Imagine, Revelate (calling your name only as an lcon not illwill), that you are a middle of the pack player in a middle of the pack alliance whose best players have been used and whose remainders are unable to beat defenses that are lower power and possibly missing a hero. And, then, some top 100 guy tells his story about why it is fair.

The crux of this is not the bar, but perceived fairness.

My personal experience is it works, but I have 30 4* or above, and tossed a few 3s in against lower defenses to save a better team. Half of my alliance cannot come to that level. But, they are having fun in alliance chat.

That is the key. My alliance has a strong leadet, and players having fun. It takes the sting out.

Previous alliances I have passed through just come yo work, kill a titan and go home. These wars just make life in a dysfunctional alliance worse. And that will drive them away.

Sorry I rambled away fro the bar, but I have to make the point alliances that do not have strong leadership are a problem SG can’t solve; therefor, it is the bar which must lighten up. And fewer stories of top 100s who like it.


I like it too. I am not top 100, but am close enough.
But I am going to share an experience I had today, where my 3* team actually did better.
I went after a team with Li Xiu as tank and doubled up on purple with Sabina as healer. I had a terrible board with almost no purple and the revenge bar killed me before Sabina could even heal once. Left standing were Richard, Boril and Alberich. Richard and Boril had both only about half their hitpoints left. I decided to go in with a partially leveled Little John, Belith, Hawkmoon, brienne and azar. Alberich resurrected Li Xiu twice, and the revenge bar went off a lot of times. But with 2 healers that bar wasn’t a big problem and I won (by a hair)…

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My tweak for the revenge bar is to remove it completely OR allow one/two items per battle. It gives an unfair advantage to already-powerful defense teams. Making it stronger as your team gets weaker is an even worse idea.

In spite of fighting the weakest opponent available and choosing a simi-quality team that would have been way beyond efficient, the only reason that I won the battle was a huge combo. The revenge makes picking an offensive team too deceiving…

That is a valid point in saying the bar is going to be more of a burden to mid-lower level alliances that simply aren’t equipped to deal with it. Maybe the answer is to scale the bar damage based on what level your alliance is so lower level alliances don’t find it such a hinderan e and can still enjoy AW…there has to be some sort of middle ground between the bar is great leave it alone and the bar sucks get rid of it…



And this.

So if there are alliances that are “dysfunctional”, SG must change Alliance Wars to accommodate that dysfunction?

I’m not sure I follow. I’m sure there are alliances out there who aren’t having as much fun as the others; after all, 50% of alliances who play Alliance Wars will lose. Does that mean we need to abolish this new feature? :thinking:


Do you really want another mechanic in game which is show up spend the flags and go home?

Why has anyone joined this forum? That’s a community-oriented decision… that’s what I don’t get, how can we argue that making AW fights challenging isn’t beneficial for driving more community? If it’s easy mode it will just be the same as titan fights which are basically an entirely individual affair.

In both of my alliances we’re already talking teaming up to take players down with our weaker teams… that is a top 100 (well top 5 full disclosure) and a lower ranked one too. I actually have a stupid alt that’s in a random alliance that’s getting it’s ■■■ handed to it, but I can’t one shot anyone right now… so at some point I’m going to reach out to folks and ask, hey why don’t you and me work together to take this one team down.

That’s community enabling, and the revenge bar helps get us there. I don’t want another feature in game that’s show up, spend flags, collect some loot… I want more community engagement in this game, and I think that’s how it’s going to be successful in the long run.

The revenge bar helps drive that… otherwise I’m just going to show up, win 90% of my fights like I do in raids later on: SG should do better than that from a community involvement perspective.


No, rook, abolishing the bar was not even hinted at…tweaking is the header, yes.

The header above that is “Community forum”, which leads me to believe this place is as much about strengthening the community as it is about bitching (and pls do not moderate that word).

Many in this community are voicing the opinion that the bar is ruining the game’s new, and yes entertaining, feature for them. That needs to be addresses in a positive way.

Call it outreach or just throwing them a bone, but do something. If the complaints continue sfter a very public that explains what is changing and why, then you tried. Try.

The other topic is best for a new topic.

Edit: I was writing and unable to read Revelate’s comments. I will do that now.

Also, when we talk about “fairness”, keep in mind that (properly done) matchmaking will pit similar alliances against each other. My alt certainly doesn’t have 30 credible heroes, but neither do the mid-level players on the opposing alliance.

Whether it’s a fun feature is different. Here I agree that (a) it’s frustrating to lose a battle because you couldn’t mount quite enough offense quickly enough, but on the other hand (b) it’s successful in forcing alliances to work as a team.

My sense is that it’s mostly just a big change to what looks like a familiar raiding screen. It will take some getting used to and some change in strategies. Fortunately, the stakes here are really low. Try something this war, see if it works for you. No? Try something different next time.


Revelate, I applaud you and others who look at this as a community. Sadly, it seems, not a majority opinion/activity.

I would like to hear about top 100 wizards who send alt identities out spreading the gospel, so to speak. Especially, when they are not leaders or co-leaders. And how many alliances dod they cycle through before finding one that they could work with.