Tutorial gives Hawkmoon or full healer

From another post thinking about randomness, I remembered how easy my main account had it wih a full team healer whereas my second account really struggled for a month only having friar tuck as a healer.

I strongly recommend that in addition to getting Bane in the tutorial that new players get Hawkmoon as well. This would really increase the beginning user experience.

I agree that healers are absolutely essential…I struggled on with Sharan and 2* panda for ages until I pulled a lucky Kiril.

The One Man Army challenge showed that a fully levelled Hawkmoon or Belith could complete levels in province 9 and 10 on their own…


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I partially agree. I remember healing being difficult in the early stages because all I had for healing was Sharan all the way up to province 13 where I got stuck. I would have used Sha Ji except that I wanted to maintain a rainbow team, and swapping out 3* Bane for 2* Sha Ji would have crippled my offense. Once I got Hawkmoon from a lucky daily summon, though, things became much easier.

However, that’s the part where I disagree: giving new players 2 3* heroes might make the early game far too easy. Instead, I’d propose one of the following:

  1. Change the starting 3* summon to Hawkmoon instead of Bane. This would also necessitate switching the ascension tutorial to a different hero since Hawkmoon would directly replace the Sharan for which the user currently practices ascension.
  2. Change the starting 3* to a fast sniper in a color other than yellow (for example, Berden), then change the starting 2* to Sha Ji instead of Layla.

I remember comtemlating removing bane from my rainbow team so I can use the 2* yellow panda and replace sharan with sharkot who is still in my roster.

This is a good idea.

If you’re going to do that, just double up on yellow and skip another color. Bane’s too powerful compared to the rest of your heroes at that point to leave him out.

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Didn’t know what doubling up did back then. Got the first of my many Melendor’s a week after and it got easier.