Tutorial for Alliance War?

Where is the tutorial for Alliance War?

Zero, I think @Dwitehawk is looking for the compulsary tutorial in game to be able to enter the war.

You are right @HarryDeB.

Should this not read : you are able to opt in after…
Instead of opt out?

Does anyone have an answer to WHERE a player can find and do the Tutorial (in order to participate in the Wars). I don’t see any place to do the Tutorial in the game.

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@Kerridoc @rook @JonahTheBard @Petri
Do you have any clue?
I personally have never opted out of war so I cannot help here…
But as stated by devs, you need to complete the tutorial to be able to enter the wars again.

Correct HarryDeB. In addition, for a NEW player (like myself) who has just gotten to level 12, you need to do the Tutorial to even start participating. So, where does a player even go to do the tutorial?

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Finally I got the answer. When I achieved level 12, my alliance was already in the war process. Once that was completed the system took me step-by-step through setting up my War Defense Team. After doing those steps, I was able to opt out by unchecking the ‘Participate in Wars’ box. Then I was asked if that’s really what I wanted to do. Hope this helps.

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Is the question answered? Ya I close the thread?

I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year and a half And I was thinking about it for the past couple days that would be cool to take your food and go to the shop and buy iron with it meaning. 1,000 food for 500 iron. Something to that effect.

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I have a player in my alliance experiencing the exact same thing, and he is level 16 and hasnt been given the walk through of the Tutorial

He is locked out of war without ever joining in? I.e., his war tutorial never started?

That is correct, his name is “pricey” and our alliance is “Provocation Posse”

I’ve asked further up the food chain about this. I’m hoping for a quick answer.

As always when stumped you can ask SG directly via submitted request (aka ticket). They can be reached here:


(Click the three horizontal lines, then click “Submit a Request.”)


Hi @Dwitehawk!

The War Tutorial can be triggered by clicking on the Alliance button and then the War Tab. For those who are more than level 12 (level 16, for example), once they choose to “Opt-In”, the Tutorial starts automatically when the first Alliance War after that mark starts its preparation phrase. Just click on the “Battle Field” button to go Edit your team and it should show the Tutorial.

After you have completed the Alliance War Tutorial, you will be able to select whether you would like to opt-out of the Alliance Wars via the checkbox in the Alliance War tab.

I hope this helps :wink:


Thanks Dwitehawk.
I went through the same process myself and found the same answer over the weekend. :+1:

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Thanks @Karlos_Squire and @Na.na. I was sweating over nothing. My alliance leadership said I needed to opt out if I wasn’t going to participate. But at first found I couldn’t until the start of our next War.

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Hey @MelHunter1913, I submitted a ticket to SG Support and basically got the same answer that @Na.na gave below. The situation worked itself out the next time our alliance went into War phase. The game led me through the steps of setting up my War Defense Team, all the way through to picking my first opponent. I believe it started after I clicked on the War tab. After the tutorial, I was able to opt in or opt out by checking/unchecking the ‘Participate in Wars’ box.


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