Turpitude is (full for now) (was: Recruiting an active, grown-up, light-hearted player (10-11*, 2200 cups, 29/30 members))

Turpitude is Recruiting an active, grown-up, light-hearted player.

~ Tl;dr ~ Serious casuals, adults with lives. Full war flag use and daily+ titan hits – or opt out of war when Real Life hits. Spending optional, advice freely given. Bad jokes aplenty.

Current status: 29/30

Cup requirement: 2200

Here at Turpitude we’re mostly a “grown-up” alliance, meaning most of our members work full time, and many are married, have kids, etc.

We are a fun bunch who love to bust balls and ovaries in chat (and optional Discord server) in between having some good game discussion, winning wars, and killing Titans.

Currently killing all 10* titans, ~50-67% of 11*s, and slowly aiming higher with time as our players progress.

We do pretty well in wars – tank color matchy matchy, decent timing strategy with lots of attack windows (wipe once and then clear X lower teams, start 2nd wipe while waiting for low team respawns, then finish 2nd wipe and go for 3rd wipe+)… and generally just like to have a good time in between real life and work.

No pressure to spend real life money, but for those who want to, we try to give good advice on how to make it count. And you can definitely have defense team setup / raid tactics / hero value advice if you’d like it.

Players from all ages and countries welcome, it’s about maturity and common language. Many of us are from the USA and Canada, plus some from Western and Central Europe and a couple from Southeast Asia.

Our wishlist is:

  • 2200+ cups

  • 3800+ team power
    (for your defense team; bench depth is nice too)

  • If possible, a 5* holy tank at 4-1 or higher
    (maybe we’ll go back to blue tanks later… but syncing with our war strat would be nice)

Actual requirements are:

  • War flag use (all 6 flags) OR opting out if really busy

  • Daily use of Titan flags, ideally 4-5 flags per titan

  • (No war/titan activity for a period of time without notice or barring special circumstances will result in a kick. We are an understanding bunch but we also want to win and get loot.)

So having fun and learning the game are things we take seriously… but no required external chat apps for a candy crush warcraft game, no peer pressure to max your 5* HOTM team… and we’re understanding when inevitable life events happen, just let us know in alliance chat.

If interested, just search for “turpitude” in the Alliances section of the game and join up. Enrollment is open to anyone 2200+ cups.

Oh, and having a working knowledge of cheesy 80s movies and all things Keanu is a bonus+++. Vaya con Dios, Bro. Be excellent to each other.

P. S. No healers in corners pls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: :partying_face:

P. P. S. Sartana is bae :relaxed: :heart_eyes_cat:


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