Turpitude - An Adult/Fun Alliance is Recruiting


Hi There,

Here at Turpitude we are looking to fill a few recently opened spots. We’re mostly a “grown up” alliance, meaning most of our members are married with kids, work full time, etc. We have a few husband wife combos (including our fearless leaders). We are a fun bunch who love to bust balls in chat in between having some good game discussion, winning wars, and killing Titans. We have a good combo of USA and Western European players.

We are currently killing 5-6* titans regularly with our top 15 players in the 1500-2300 cup range…but are only a player or two away from regular 6-7* kills. We win the majority of our wars and generally just have a good time between real life and work.

Our only requirements are:

  • Participation in wars

  • Daily use of Titan flags

  • No cup requirement - We’d love a couple new 1300+ players but we have no cup requirement. We’re happy to help nurture our rookies into strong players themselves.

  • No War/Titan activity in 5 days will result in a kick.

Just search for us in game or shoot me a PM here if you’re interested in joining. We currently have 3 open spots as of 10/13/18 at 11 am EST. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Our leaders are blackpanther, PrettyPoppet, FantasticGnome2048, and AbominableToken97.

I personally can attest to the quality gameplay and fun in the Alliance. I joined as a totally green rookie about a month ago. I’m now level 23, 1500 cups, have a good understanding of the game mechanics, and a regular contributor on Titans and in Wars. Everyone was welcoming and happy to help me with the basics. Overall the community is great, I get a lot of laughs throughout the day, enjoy the conversation, and very much enjoy the Titan/War victory loot.

Hope to see you out there!



We are filled up as of 10/14 but check back in a couple days if you’re interested. The only bottom handful of the roster will be turned over shortly.


Bonjour je cherche une alliance


Two spots open after turnover. Grab your spot!


Sorry, but I dont speak French! I do enjoy the wine though :slight_smile:


One spot open, trying to find some stability at the bottom of the roster. Come snag it!


Hey, new player here. Would love to join your alliance if you are still trying to help out greener players.


Full as of now but check back, I will be keeping the thread updated when spots open.


Hi All -

Next round of turnover is complete and we have two open spots. Grab a spot while you can! Feel free to simply join or shoot me a PM. Hope to see you in game.