Turpitude - An Adult/Fun Alliance is Recruiting

Hi There,

Here at Turpitude we are looking to fill the final few spots on our roster with consistently active players. We’re mostly a “grown up” alliance, meaning most of our members are married, have kids, work full time, etc. We have a few husband wife combos (including our fearless leaders). We are a fun bunch who love to bust balls in chat in between having some good game discussion, winning wars, and killing Titans. We have a great mix of USA and Western European players ranging from f2p to c2p, with a few c2p+ folks mixed in.

We are currently killing 7* titans regularly with our top 20 players in the 1500-2300 cup range. We win the majority of our wars and generally just have a good time between real life and work.

Our only requirements are:

  • Participation in wars

  • Daily use of Titan flags

  • No cup requirement - We’d love a couple new strong/veteran players but we have no cup requirement. We’re happy to help nurture our rookies into strong players themselves.

  • No War/Titan activity in 5 days will result in a kick barring any special circumstances.

Feel free to simply search for us in game and join up! Spots fill up on a first come first serve basis.

I personally can attest to the quality gameplay and fun in the Alliance. I joined as a totally green rookie and I’m now level 26 and 2200 cups. Everyone was welcoming and happy to help me get started. Overall the community is great, I get a lot of laughs throughout the day, enjoy the conversation, and very much enjoy the Titan/War victory loot.

Hope to see you in game!


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