Turn off revive when the match is obviously won

This dude’s Joon was obviously toast like the rest of the team, does it really need to revive 6 times? I started taking screenshots because it was so ridiculous.

I find this incredibly annoying too. Or a single hero is in a corner, all my team is at full hp, but the right tiles just don’t show up and i waste an extra two minutes to finally get mana filled to kill that single hero.


The problem is… how do you define when “the match is obviously won”? That’s not an easy thing to do.

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It feels like most time it is doing it on purpose until it uses its special to kill one of your heroes, or to recover health.

And yes @bobiscool… I mean, I hate Colen so much if he revives a lot in order to use his special, he has actually eliminated my entire team from doing this. haha I laugh now but can you imagine my anger and frustration at the time? :stuck_out_tongue:


Qualitatively it is difficult to define but algorithmically it is probably very easy to predict the moment a match has a 99% certainty of being won or lost. Espn does it for sports games all the time and that’s with much less data!

Clearly this guy was going to lose but still a lot of time was spent waiting for Joon to stop reviving.

Anyway, just saying.

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Yes this incredibly annoying, had it happen to me a few times and it cracks me up every time, lol.

And this too, lol.

But overall, it’s just another tiny part of the game that makes us both annoyed and laugh at the same time.

It would not be good to turn off the revive considering the player had use emblems to get it. It is annoying when the opponent revives but on the other hand I am sure you are glad when your player revives.


dude, the match was over. I had 5 fully charged heroes and he had 1 dead joon.

I guess my broader point is that a lot of the new features are turning what used to be short raids (often less than 2 minutes) into very time consuming raids (sometimes up to 5 minutes if the there are too many healers involved).

Whatever can be done to bring back the time per raid down to a managable load so that I can open app, do a raid, close app and go back to being productive would be appreciated.

The lowest hanging fruit is this revive feature going off after the battle is already decided. It serves no function at this point.

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