Turn off alliance creation until levels 40-60ish

The game has an alliance problem, and we all know this. Recruiting has just got worse and worse over time as well. I notice in general chat that there are single digit players creating alliances non-stop, and they bombard the chat channels with recruiting and titan help. I believe that this is just making the ocean of alliances too large.

Eventually over time everything will be so spread out that the average alliance size will shrink to 1-2 players. When I first started most alliances I looked at were on average 20-30 players deep. Now, they are typically 10-15 players.

It’s my opinion that new players should join an already existing alliance until they have reached a certain higher level before creating one. You should have some good knowledge of the game before leading other players, and this will also help shrink the already enormous pool of alliances.

There are already plenty alliances for people to choose from, so there needs to be some kind of cap. Anyways just my idea to help the ever growing issue, take care!

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