Turkish language help



Please bring the Turkish language support to use in-game information. We’re tired of translating. Many people are forced to quit because they do not have Turkish language support. This will be very useful for E & P if Turkish language support is available.


Dear all,

We want to Turkish Language Support , ASAP. You are doing nothing. You don’t listen to US I think.


Instead of spamming the same request in the wrong place, why don’t you just learn the most common recurring phrases in English? It won’t take you a minute to make your own dictionary even. Iyi sanslar mate!


Seems a bit arrogant to assume English should be the language governing this game, doesn’t it? Because if so, then why the bleeding hell would SGG have translated this game in so many other languages? Wouldn’t that be totally wasteful?

They’ve translated the game to Dutch. To frigging Dutch of all languages. There are about 16ish million Dutch. Most of whom have been taught English at a quite decent level during their school career, and most of whom are well familiar with gaming, TV, movies and other media in English. We are among the countries that need translations to English the least. And yet our game is translated to Dutch.

They’ve not translated the game to Turkish. There are 80 million Turks. Even when we assume the Turks have the same education level in English as the Dutch, it would still make 5 times more sense to translate the game to Turkish than to Dutch!

And before you give me the ‘but the market in other countries is bigger’ argument, in 2014 the Turkish gamers ranked no 17 on the global rank of game revenues, only one spot below the Dutch who ranked at no 16. And still above countries like India, Sweden, Vietnam and of course Finland. (source: https://newzoo.com/insights/articles/top-100-countries-represent-99-6-81-5bn-global-games-market/ )

So it might well be really business savvy for SGG to translate the game to Turkish. If they haven’t already, it might be worth looking into.