Turkish flag pin?

Hey there. Do you guys plan to put Turkish flag pin on shop? We are still waiting for our flag. Can you please solve this problem, thanks.


Yeap we want it turkish flag pin please!! We’re waiting for a long time. Almost every country flag has come up but turkish didn’t





IMO, the smart move would be to just have a separate ‘National Flags’ section in the Avatars shop. There would be more money in ongoing slower sales of flag pins to new players of various nationalities than the current system of a one-time feeding frenzy to grab a flag, then no new players being able to purchase them later on even if they want to.


We want a Turkish flag


According to Google, there are at least 200 countries in the world.

The pins available are sometimes symbols, such as cats, colors, cakes, etc., not just countries, but assuming only unique country flags were made available each day, it would take more than six months to go through them all.

We haven’t had the daily avatar pins available that long yet. Patience! :slight_smile:


Hey Rook, feline friend from Misfit Toys :slight_smile: I am aware of that. But a lot of countries’ flags already have given, even with much less players. We really can’t wait anymore :slight_smile: Please at least give us a priority about that matter. Thank you for the reply btw :slight_smile:

Problem is that they are repeating previous avatars and pins already, only main avatar for 1200 gems is different.

At least flags they could change.

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Repeating previous avatars?
They have cut & pasted map characters & made them into upcoming heroes of the month.
Don’t expect to much originality my friend.

Just cut copy national flags?.. Naaah, too much work.

Rather than a natıonal flag 4 someone to feel proud of, they give you coffee cups & cake icons for 200 gems 🤦

We want it turkish flag pin please!! We’re waiting for a long time. Almost every country flag has come up but turkish didn’t

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I’m making sure they are aware of your plea.

What is your favorite avatar/ background, while we’re waiting? :slight_smile:

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Yes, there’s going to be a Turkish flag pin as well :tr:. It is in fact coming in 11 days. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


What about Latvian flag?

Thanks Petri. That is very good news :smiley:

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i am waiting for Portuguese Flag pin too… guess we will have to wait

and what about Portuguese flag pin is it coming soon


Additional requests for:

  • Latvian Flag
  • Portuguese Flag


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aaah Rook,
this one might be a long shot but, What’s my chances of getting a Martian flag? :thinking:

Hmmm, I think no one is gonna brave a broadside from Marvin the Martian to copy that flag… :wink:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: loooooool

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