Tuning up Defense and finding synergy

I like to play around with heroes positions, swapping out for others, finding/discovering overall synergy. Was wondering if anyone has an interesting lineup idea.

Here is my current defense, and also other available heroes. I’d like to hear thoughts of anyone chiming in.


I would not put Clarissa right next to Alfrike like that. At a minimum I’d swap in Vela for Clarissa. I’d also have Heimdall as left flank so his revive and buffs happen earlier.
You could also do Heimdall at tank.


Given these heroes and if you want to keep Alfrike tank, I’d go Heimdall, Vela, Alfrike, Poseidon, Marjana.


Or flip Poseidon and Vela.

My reasoning for Clarissa there is if she fires her special, that’s 30% more defense against specials for Alfrike.
I had Heimdall at tank before (Clarissa, Vela, Heimdall, Marjana, Posiedon). This current lineup holds cups slightly better, but I’m always looking to improve.

Heimdall at wing makes me nervous, but I’ll give it a go

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