Tuck the Fitans - Recruiting

‘Tuck the Fitans’ is looking for new members.

We are a well established alliance (almost 3 years)

-A great mix of casual and competitive players
-We are a diverse group from around the globe (Can, US, UK, etc.)
-Friendly chat, about game and other
-10-12* titans
-All war flags used if opted in
-Some war strategy, but we don’t control your hits
-Member levels range from 43-79, so looking for more established players, but there’s definitely room to grow with us
-We use Discord to chat outside of game, but it’s not required

We are a no pressure alliance, we know real life comes first. That’s said, we do like to tuck fitans and win wars!

Come check us out!

Bumping this up. Now looking for 2 permanent members. Come check us out!

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