Trying to understand yellow stacking with a Ranvir

Ranvir’s Mystic Virtue (8/8) buffs all allies for +195% attack and debuffs all allies for -35% accuracy only if the enemy has more health than the attacker. The last part of the ability confuses me when Ranvir is part of a yellow stack.

Let me give an example

I have 2 heroes left, Ranvir and Joon. I have used Mystic Virtue so both have it applied. Ranvir has 1000HP, Joon has 10HP There is one opponent left which is located on the very right corner who has 500HP.

I make a horizontal 3 yellow match from which only one tile can hit the objective (the other two tiles will ghost). The tile transforms into a troop and charges forward the enemy.

When it lands on the opponent, how much attack buff and accuracy debuff will be considered?

Does it matter if the troop is the one attached to Ranvir or the one attached to Joon?

Any clarification will be appreciated.

It depends on the troop that lands, if it’s the troop that you have equip to Joon, the buff and accuracy loss applies, if it was the troop attached to Ranvir it will be normal damage … you can not pre plan for which troop is going to come from each tile, so there is a bit of a gamble there but I have found Ranvir to be worth the gamble in raids. Thankfully specials are far less confusing. Hope this helps.

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Here is how it works:

The tile (troop) that will go towards the opponent is charged with both joon and Ranvir attack stats, buffed (or not) by Ranvir’s special, and with (or without) reduced accuracy.

Since Ranvir currently has more health than the opponent, he is charging his regular attack stats, with normal accuracy.

Now Joon has less health than the opponent, so he charges the tile with 2,95 times his normal attack stats, and with a 35% chance to miss.

Both Ranvir and Joon are affected by whatever power increase their troops add, however this multiplier is added from the beggining and it becomes their normal attack stat during this battle, so no need for clalculation on this.

Bottom line, such tile will be: 1R + 2.95J attack, with -35% accuracy.

And this is why Ranvir and Wu are not recommended for raids, unless fighting way more powerful opponents, so it’s worth to take the chance of missing.


Independent of which troop the tile becomes, it will be charged woth both Ranvir and Joon applicable attack+buff+accuracy

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I might not be completely understanding what you are saying, but if you’re implying that every tile is charged and has a chance to miss, that’s inaccurate. The troop that populates either has the MV applied (if the hero who has it equip has less health) or it doesn’t (hero has more health).

I believe you are correct @amessofamind. It’s not easy to confirm while playing, but you can get a bit closer by having different troops on them; the mana and crit troops look quite different and can be identified.

I’ve found Ranvir to be totally worth it in raids, but it takes some work. I got some unpleasant surprises in the beginning, especially from Jackal who’s in my yellow stack and has very low health compared to the 5s he’s so ruthlessly pitched against.

If every tile was charged with only the troop it turns into, what would be the point for stacking? each tile would deal either one hero or the other’s damage.

it does not make sense.

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To be clear, yes … every tile is charged by each hero as far as attack goes, but that doesn’t mean that every tile is charged by mystic virtue … at least that is not how it has worked for me or at least what I have observed.

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I reckon there’s a hidden boost when colour stacking? Evenly distributed over troops, but letting their own and their heroes stats “shine through”?

I’ve noticed that for example when I have <10 crit and mana troops on two fast same colour heroes, Elk and Caedmon most often; if I send a horizontal line of three tiles, and two tiles hit whereas one ghosts, the hero that had the ghosted troop will charge before the other one. They really appear to be assigned. Wouldn’t it be odd if only attack was baked together and not mana?

Not rethorical questions - I’d really like to know for sure.

I believe that this thread is in line with your understanding. It may confuse you more, or make things clearer. In short, the way it works is not intuitive (to me): a tile is all or nothing. So a tile benefits from the attack power of all the heroes, but it can be affected by the accuracy issue of only one hero.


What you’re noticing is a visual animation, for the amount of mana gained that fills up the mana bar after your match hits the enemies. It’s those sparkly dots that float to fill the hero mana bar(s) to the corresponding colored heroes.

Depending where you made the match and where your hero is positioned in your offensive team, it will take slightly longer for the animation to fill the mana bar than for another hero sometimes. This is purely visual though, as they should both be full (if same speed and color, and no mana advantage, and not afflicted by Delay or similar status ailment) by the end of the turn.

And yes, tile damage is confusing to understand :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’m going to read through that a bit more as there seems to be some conflicting info…

@Garanwyn Could maybe help us along with this a bit more.

I started the topic and I’m also more confused than before hahaha

So according to the topic posted by @Benn, there is an answer by Petri on post 19 which says

“Hi, the blind should be working as intended - when using multiple heroes of the same color, each troop will be blinded if the hero it’s equipped to is blinded.”

That topic was about blinding, not mystic virtue, but I assume it’s the same because both apply accuracy debuff. So in my example, if Ranvir’s troop charges forward and hits, no accuracy debuff will be applied. But if Joon’s troop charges forward and hits, accuracy debuff will be applied.

Yet again that was about blinding, not about mystic virtue…

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The total tile damage is not an average, it’s a sum.

Whenever you send a tile of a color being stacked, it gathers all the attack stats for that color heroes.

Every hero puts in that tile its attack with all boosts/debuffs that apply.

As for the mana charging, each hero has its own specific speed according to its troop.

I.e. if you have two fast heroes, and one of them has a maxed mana troop, it will charge faster than the other one.

As I said above, troops effects are individual and “permanent” (whole match), while special skills last for a few turns.

In case of reduced accuracy, if one hero is affected, it will affect all tiles of his color during active special skill.

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That is correct, and both function exactly the same.

Only difference is that blindness is an ailment, thus it can be cleansed by the likes of Rigard, while reduced accuracy is a trade off that “comes with the package”.

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How do you know when a specific tile is charged with all attacks attack but not with Mistic Virtue?

This is true for any hero not named Miki or Ranvir and probably the reason that the buffs don’t show up on heroes as per standard buffs (when holding down on the hero after buff is applied). I’m not sure if you’ve used Ranvir in raids, but he can absolutely have differences between one set of tile and the next, with some hitting quite high damage (with a chance to miss) and some hitting for standard damage (that I’ve yet to see miss)… the way you’ve described it, Miki would be amazing once his effect was in place, but he’s generally not as heroes have lower health and so no buff is taking place. With these heroes there has be a check on each tile, otherwise the skill would make no sense and I’ve assumed that that check is based off of equip troop, I could be wrong … but I don’t see any other way for them to differentiate.

As for this, it’s tile based… all tiles are standard as far as attack goes, but if a troop assigned to a particular hero is used with lower health then the one it’s hitting…, that tile then has mystic attached to it… if the hero has higher health then standard damage applies … I believe it can even go as far as the first tile hitting by MV damage and the second tile in the same string hitting by normal damage (as the opponent has had it’s health lowered below the attackers… I’d need to test this more … from the photos below, that seems to be confirmed).

My wife has the centaur, I will try to do a few raids with him and see if I can get what you mean

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You have a very interesting point right there. The reduced accuracy part of mystic virtue can’t be cleansed.

I’m wondering how can we test what’s the truth on mystic virtue.

Lets keep on this example. A troop attached to Ranvir with 1000HP hits an opponent with 500HP. If that troop misses, then the only reason has to be that Joon with 10HP was responsible because of mystic virtue. I can’t figure out how to test the other way, with a troop attached to Joon attacking the opponent.

Let me know what you see, I’ve been doing my own tests as well and trying to look a bit deeper to see if I’m missing something… I certainly could be but it seems to be troop based which I understand is unique, but they are also unique heroes in that respect (health based). Also something to keep in mind… each match can have a number of troops attached to it, so a 3 match can have 1 from Ranvir, 1 from say… drake and one from Poseidon, all with varying health amount. I’ve taken some snaps, I’ll try to post them if I can figure it out.

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