Trying to understand how to set up attack team

I am trying to wrap my brain around how the tile hit points work. Is the number next to the sword symbol what I need to look at when thinking about who to send into battle? Does the higher number of the sword mean it’s going to do more damage? I’m not trying to figure out special damage just the damage to the tiles when I am swiping and trying to make combinations. What is the best number to look at when I am trying to just determine who is going to attack best from the field. For example, Scarlett has a higher sword number than Sonja. Specials aside and assuming both have same troop is Scarlett better?

you are correct. tile damage relates to the left number/ sword icon (attack). regarding tile damage scarlett’s will have higher damage than sonya’s.
you also need to take in consideration troops as they modify hero’s base status and other status modifiers (buffs/ debuffs)

picking a team that enhances your attack and decreases enemy defense will increase your chances a lot

you could also consider stacking same element heroes as tile damage from the same element add up. For example:
BT attack 588
sir lancelot attack 786

if you use both in your offense team tiles will hit for the sum of both their attacks

there are many offense combinations: 2-1-1-1; 2-2-1; 3-1-1; 3-2 (probably most used); 4-1 and mono attack

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To answer you question if Scarlett is better than Sonya with your assumptions, i would argue that it depends on the situation.

Sonya would be better to take against a red opponent or titan, while Scarlett would be better to take against a Green Opponent or Titan. Of the two, if you are facing a blue opponent, then Sonya would be better than Scarlett, but not as good as say Caedmon.

So I had a complete brain fart when I typed my question. I mean to ask about Scarlett versus Marjana. Scarlett’s attack’s base is higher or does it matter 4* versus 5*.

Attack 767, Def 507, Health 1039

Deals 215% daage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies
Target and nearby enemies get -34% attack for 6 turns

Attack 669, Def 712, Health 1404

deal 458% to target
Target receives 300 damage over 6 turns

Scarlett would allow you to do more tile damage, however, not enough to cover Marjana’s special damage and burn.

767 / 3 = 255.6 damage per tile with no defense

669 / 3 = 223 damage per tile with no defense

767 * 215% = 1,649 damage per special with no defense

669 * 458% = 3,064 damage + 300 = 3,364 damage per special with no defense

In other words, Marjana will do double the damage per special attack, with only minor loss to tile damage.

If you are facing a titan take both, if you had to pick between the two, Marjana is the obvious choice.

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