Trying to save my ios account

well i have 2 accounts , the one i played on iphone was a free one but i lost it when i turned in company phone, i found my sons old ipad 2 with ios version9.3.5 on it but the game wont run on it and there is no other version i can update to on this device. i guess the old ipad 2 is just obsolete now.

The account should be tied to the email address used on your old work iphone. Do you still have access to that email address? Without it, I’m afraid your hands are tied.

yeah i still have the email address and i have the game account number

Ive got an old back up ipad that i tried and it wouldnt update for me niether. Youll need to get a newer device that can run a newer IOS. Once you do that simply input your apple ID(email you had on the laat one) and youll be able to regain your account. You could pick up cheap devices on offer up ebay etc.

Edit: i actually just looked at the app store and it says its ios 9 and up compatible

i Know thats what i read too but my game crashes everytime

Or simply grab an iOS emulator and play the game on your PC/ Computer.

Tell me one that will access the app store and I will gladly do it

I don’t have or use iOS but im sure there is something on google.