Trying to link account from iPhone to Android


I bought a new phone a couple weeks back, and am trying to link my EnP account from an iPhone to android. I managed to to this from iOS to android no trouble, but now this message keeps popping up. Can someone please help explain what I have to do? Cheers.

Best bet is to #contact-support. They can look into it specifically…

Click that hashtag for instructions :slight_smile:

In these cases, there is little Player Support can do. As you see in the pop-up, the game is connected to a Google Play account and should be able to be played on any Android device you own. Should you have trouble signing into your Google Play account, only Google can help you recover the login. Player Support cannot assist with Google Play (or Game Center) accounts.

If you cannot access your Google account, please read this Google help center article

If you have forgotten your password or Google account click here Account recovery form

If your account was disabled please contact the Google Account Recovery team

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