(Trying) to help one of the probles

I’m fully aware that technically I’m now doing the same. This is not a post intended for the bottomless pit of complaints about this game. For my level and line of hero’s I now feel this is my best option. I can only go so far before every roll is either fully lv. 4s or more often then not 5s. I will do my best to fill my chest with the fairest matches possible but other then that I’m dedicating my flags to who it appears is cup dropping. What right do have to complain about something that I feel is broken without doing what I can to help fix it. Below is only an example of what I feel is part of the problem.

Bonus* To show my gratefulness to the game

What is the point of this thread

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I’m not sure I understand your post.

Is this a continuation of discussion(s) against cup dropping? If so, there are many many threads you could have posted your comments on.

Is this a new direction you would like to take the cup dropping discussion into? Please elaborate so we can see how your comments are different from what has come before.


Close it. Thx. 20 characters

Wesley’s voice: “As you wish.” :wink:

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