Trying to grasp the current meta

Hey there, I am a returning player.

When I left, Limit Breaking was new, and Telluria wasn’t garbage. In fact, that’s why I left: I spent money on this game for the very first time, and then immediately they turned Telluria into a pile of Nerf.

Now, there are so many changes it’s hard to wrap my head around it all. The general “Power” rating in the upper right of a card does not seem to have any bearing or relation whatsoever on the actual power of the card. (For instance, a 2x costumed and LB Azlar’s Power is over 1000, but clearly not many people think he’s worth limit breaking.)

So…what should I really be looking for in my hero lineup for wars and special events, like the Towers—I can’t get to the end of the Impossible tower levels. But I don’t know which heroes are breezing through those levels, either, so I don’t know where to focus my attention.

Can someone give me a snapshot of the basic “basic best team comp”?

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I’ll list what I’ve noticed SG doing as I don’t think the new meta has been fully determined, but we can get some ideas.

Allot of new heroes being released with anti-minion and/or anti-fiend capabilities.
Most of the top new heroes include at least one powerful team buff and some even grant 3+ buffs at the same time.
I haven’t done the deep research, but it seems like more fast and v. fast heroes are coming now than before.

The meta over the last year+ has shifted from minons & fiends to slow super powerful team killing heroes. Everything above are counters to these 3 things, so they’re definitely trying to steer away from that meta, but to what I’m not sure.


That is a summary of the basic stats of the card (Attack, Def and HP), so the higher “power” the better the stats. That´s it. So it is relevant yes, but it says nothing about the skill.

As to “meta”: It´s fast! 7 tiles to kill 3 heroes are the slowest 3-stacks top players play these days.

For 95% of defenses you dont need 7 tile attacks
And even for the top 5% you can still win a significant number of matches without that. So its a fast defensive meta, but fast is not the only way of consistently beating it offensively

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Totally agree! There was a thread ranting that rainbow was obsolete. I took the challenge and I’ve been running rainbow raids the past few weeks. 3 of my heroes are fast: Bubbles, Anne, Diochan. Xiato (sp)?is average; and Mother North is slow. Not a fast team but one that has netted about 90% wins.

It’s not all about Fast and Very Fast. Team synergy is more important, IMO.

Learn your cards well, what they do, how they do it, and when to fire them to complement each other.


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I have a post showing me getting to top 100 using an all slow team and a post showing me getting to top 100 using a rainbow team. So yeah I definitely don’t think fast is the only way to skin a cat :slight_smile:

100 times this


You can start off with avg speed kill-3 teams. That was how I started back in 2018. Slowly build to faster heroes.

In war, top Defense hits-all and if two opponents fire together, pretty much match over. Hence why 7 tiles statically wins more than 9 tiles. It’s just math.

Raids offense is not a indicator of a powerful team (good performing team) unless you can consistently get to top 1 with it.

When I test a new formation, I keep fighting until top 1 and track how often I win or lose. Then I decide if it’s usable in war.


Or go rainbow or close to rainbow where you can set up defenses that stop you from getting killed in 2 specials.

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The last Soul Exchange of 2022 gave everyone Ludwig for 15 souls. This hero is perfect for events because he charges up the adjacent heroes’ mana over 6 turns…pair Ludwig with a hard hitter like Khufu and it makes these events quite easy…

[Soul Exchange is probably the single most important thing in this game. It lets you trade dupe 5* heroes for a hero of your choosing as offered at the time. It occurs every 3 months. I did not realise this when I first came back…wish I had known after coming back cold, like you. Second most important thing is probably the Fated Summon. Fated Summon = 100 dud pulls and no 5* = 1 free hero of your choosing per the list at the time. The heroes are slightly outdated in FS, but there are some gems to be had there]

Then there are overhealers which boost health beyond maximums. Without these, it is almost impossible to beat impossible in the towers (I would say).

The Soul Exchange that just went by a few days ago offered Arco, an overhealer who also gives beefy minions. There are a few 4* overhealers here and there that are important: like C2-Kiril, and there’s a blue one from Challenge Festival II which I can’t remember the name of, a yellow 4* in the War of Three Kingdoms, Costume Gaideirus…I think it’s pretty important to snag at least a few of these for events

The best you can hope for is to accumulate as many 5* dupes as you can, and wait for the right heroes to come up that meet your need.

Hope I have answered this particular part of your question.

Check out these threads if you haven’t already: [Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

Now in terms of the current meta, this is a completely different question - and has already been answered by people above.

I think the heroes you need to farm coins and finish events, can potentially be very very very different to the heroes you need for war and raids at the top level…

Lol we both belong to this generation…


Ya, good luck with that in war with field effects. In raids it can work sometimes.

When opponents are alive, they are still in the upper hand.

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Dont need luck because i have seen it work time and time and time again

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Now there are a lot of new heroes and that offer a vast opportunity to find the best synergy. There is no single META formula, instead you can try some different approach of how you want to build your team to become META in your own way. some of the strategy here are:

  • Mana Accelerator : The idea is to build a team that can accelerate your team Mana generation and dealt damage from your strong hitter (usually high damage slow AOE hitter). The star of this team is Ludwig, that can be flanked with Khufu, Goseck, or Alfrike.
  • Minion Madness : The idea is to build a team around strong and annoying summoner heroes that can cause so much trouble once the minions exist. M&M used to become the star of this strategy before her massive nerf. Currently the main star of this strategy is Waterpipe, although you can easily beat this type of team with any Lunar heroes. C. Freya also can give your team annoying dodge
  • Quick Ailment Giver : The idea is to build team around Fast heroes that can give strong negative ailment to the enemy early in the game. the star of this strategy are C. Panther and Jove (sometime two copies on the same team). Put Anne and you can win in turn 3. Put El Naddaha and your enemy can’t cast any buff without hurting themself (unless they have priority cleanse)
  • Iron wall : This strategy is purely defensive by putting a strong tank that can’t be killed once their special was fired. the star here is Sir Furdinand with his shared damaged and reflect status ailments.

There should be more “META” strategy there. but one thing for sure is : all of the heroes are hiding behind the paywall. So, probably its not worth to chase because they can always nerf the good heroes anytime they like it.


I came along a former alliance mate of yours with this defense:

I can assure you, if you need more than 7 tiles to put a large dent in this team, you are toast.
And there are a lot worse or similiar teams in upper diamond.
To consistantly win against this you need a fast 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 team. One of the lunar heroes against waterpipe would be a good idea too.

Happy gaming


Agree to disagree. A good slow/average 2 1 1 1 team can consistently win against a team like this

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talking is easy. everyone can too.
try playing first in an alliance with a war score of 167,000++.

I used to play in a top 50 alliance. Was the top scorer for a few months. So whats your point exactly?


Fully agree with that. The question was what the meta is, and the meta is fast (7tiles), moving towards 6 tiles and less on offense.

It is also a fact that most players in this game will never face a meta defense ingame nor will they even get close to building a meta offense.

Those are 2 completely separate worlds that have very little to do with each other besides being played on the same game background.
It makes more sense to talk about meta in one topic and about what regular folks can do in a different topic.


I would say any defense doesn’t need a 7-tile team, it just affects your winning %.

If a 7-tile instant kill team with cleanse + dispel has a chance of 80% winning, then 9-tiles or rainbow will have a lot less than that. Factor that into 6 war matches, that could mean a lower average war score of 50-100 points (or worse, rage quit).

There is a difference between what’s “possible”, and how consistently your offense team performs.

I know for a fact that when a guildmember and myself are using a faster team, avg war score is consistently higher across YEARS. That’s not luck, that’s probability.

A good exercise is to fight the same team at least 5 times and see how often you win. With a great board, anyone can win. But when the board sux, slower heroes get impacted first, following by fast and then vfast. Due to vfast heroes lack of dps, fast hit-3s are the perfect sweet spot for kill confirm.

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