Trying to Fix the Bad Board Problem for SGG

I hate referencing other games when trying to come up with a fix, but I think the single move bejeweled style match 3 system isn’t perfect for this. Most of the time I feel like I’m playing Candy Crush or something.

So here is my suggestion:

To anyone who remembers the good old Heroes and Monsters days…they had it figured out. You rarely ever had a truly garbage move.

Set it up so you grab on to the tile to start your turn, and you have 3-5 seconds to rearrange the board using that tile every turn. As you move that tile around, tiles get bumped over to fill where it was in. 3-5 seconds isn’t enough time to get your tiles where you TRULY want them, but at least you’re not stuck making COMBOS of color matches on a single hero of colors you’re NOT running.

This idea would need refining in its explanation, and refining in its implementation into E&P if it was ever noticed or accepted.

Here’s a video link of the old H&M for reference. Obviously E&P is much better and much more evolved, but they had a GREAT match 3 system for utilization of garbage boards.

This system update would also allow the a LOT more wiggle room to control new hero power creep.

I just hope they don’t change the way boards are working. I am happy with the way it is, I love to turn around bad boards, enjoying good ones :slight_smile:

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Oh absolutely! I personally have not problems with the way the game is board wise, but every now and then I get those “What the…!” boards that result in a crushing defeat no matter what I do. This is a suggestion to add to what they already have! I’m not saying change the game, just add the board tile arranging feature to it.

Seeing my own raids, I would say I win 95% and by looking into my tower, so do all others. Please do not take that away! The attacker is anyway so much in advantage. A bad board now and then should be well within everybody’s frustration tolerance.


Actually I would rather vote to enhance raid difficulty… I have more then 11k raid wins and I wouldn’t mind new challenges :slight_smile:

Right, I’m with you. Though my defense suffers regularly, I win +90% of my raids too. My thoughts are that with this addition, it would allow wider control for SGG to manage power creep, and balance accordingly, instead of walking the fine line of heroes being instantly broken.

Also, it would present an opportunity to increase difficulty of certain challenges and events, and storyline going further even.

The concept opens a few doors if you think beyond raids.

Just add a few more tiles like the eggs or the iceblocks. Maybe one, that clears a row or a column for say matching a cross of 4 or sth.

i think its fine the way it is. sorry.


Fine the way it is? Yeah sure, I don’t have any problems with it either. However, I get on these forums and see endless complaints about “Boards are random my @$$” or “Fix these crappy boards”. RNG is RNG, either it’s in your favor or it’s not, such is why I’ve been playing for 8 months and can field 6 teams of 5 star heroes, and others have been playing for 10 months and have maybe eight 5 star heroes total. Luck of the draw. Whatever.

My idea is to move beyond that, and look at the bigger picture. SGG is worried about new events, scaling, and difficulty. SGG is worried about power creep with new heroes. This idea, as I said earlier, would allow scalable difficulty beyond what they have. It would give a higher power cap for wiggle room on creep. Heck, it would even allow the potential concept of 5 star troops.

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I suspect most people commenting “I like it the way it is” are doing so for SG to see, rather than to argue with you or because they think your proposed alternative is intrinsically bad.

The real question is, will SG ever make a change? And there’s no “keep things the same” button for people to vote with.