Trying to figure out who to work on next

I’m about 3 weeks away from opening TC20. After I finish leveling up my current heroes(Proteus 4.7, Wilbur 4.7, Caedmon 4.7, Ranvir, 3.7) I’m trying to determine what to do next.

I have the mats to bring Tarlak to 3.7 or Melendor to 4.7. I leaning towards Tarlak even though Ranvir is working nicely for my titan scores.

I have the mats to bring either Tiburtus to 4.7 or Boss Wolf to 3.7) Normally I would go with Tiburtus but could use a tank I wonder if a 3.7 boss wolf can fill this role.

I have the mats to bring a holy 4* to 4.7 and could use someone to replace Ranvir on as my holy hero on my rainbow team. But I assuming it’s better wait for someone better than Hu Tao.

I also have the mats to bring a ice hero to 4.7. Thinking of holding off on boril and waiting for Grim, Sonya or Triton.

Any opinions on this?

If this is for regular raid defense team, then whatever team would be fine imo since it may be beneficial for you at this point to set a weaker defense team so you get easier targets to fill your raid chest.

But if this is for war (where you actually want a strong defense team to help your alliance), then I wouldn’t say that Boss Wolf is a good tank at 3.70

Here are Boss Wolf’s stats at 3.70:
:crossed_swords: 476 :shield: 694 :heart: 1281

Let’s compare him with Boril at 4.70, since they both are counter-attack tanks and you have him too:
:crossed_swords: 501 :shield: 792 :heart: 1151

So as you can see, despite having a bit less HP, Boril at 4.70 is outclassing Boss Wolf at 3.70. He has nearly 100 more points of defense, which makes him much tankier. Not to mention you can give Boril emblems which lets him activate mana shield. Boss Wolf is much more scary once he has emblems too, as that lets him get very tanky thorn minions in front of him, but he has to be maxed for that.

Hope that helps your decision!

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