Trying to determine the number of global players

Don’t worry about it. I was concerned whether you were okay. It’s winter and energy prices are still going through the roof.

We had a good run of numbers.

I will probably start a new series of numbers using SS at the start of RT with no flags used.

I am heading for a break of sorts. So I can place a dummy defence team to test numbers, on and off.


The abandoned accounts should not factor if app has been deleted. Once the deleted app is not updated with each update, the app will be considered inactive, and will not sync with the rest of the active population.

This is the case for Raids.

I am not sure how it is for other aspects of the game.

Based on those numbers, at least we know what’s the last position for Zero score. And that number is not stagnant. That is an indication at least.

Not accurate. Not scientific. An indicator of how things are, player participation wise.


I guessed that it was more entertainment than scientific work. :smile:
In my opinion, the most accurate result will be on a newly created account. :wink:


Yes, more for entertainment rather than serious research. The latter would require inside info, volunteered or otherwise.


Maybe the number of players that go for the impossible tower levels is also interesting?

Nearly 200,000 players went for impossible level 2 and beyond


Thanks, I’m just fine! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


With this week’s tournament I noticed that I wasn’t in the top 1% with a ranking of 8800. Usually anything under 10000 is enough for top 1%.

So either the # of players is down, or people didn’t participate in this particular tournament.


I was in top 10% late friday rank 44500ish.

With def I moved up to 42833 and top 5%.

That tracks with byzanthia’s top 1% numbers suggesting between 860-880k

Don’t forget that thanksgiving was this past Thursday and people are out and about spending time with families and friends.

Tracking is currently along these lines:

click here for SS submitted

My SS is a few posts down: 871,803

I will be using the bigger number : 871,810

Safety Zone should be <8700.


Starting a new post on RT participation based on Zero Flags used, First Day, Zero score, and preferably close to RT kick off time.

7-11-2022 5* Buff, No P = 890,763 (Mine)

21-11-2022 5* Bloody, All = 871,810 (@OGdirty1Kanobi, with thanks)

28-11-2022 3* Rush, No B = ???

click here for previous post now on hiatus, for reference


Link to the thread…?

Added link to previous thread, now on hiatus.

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Oh is this the thread? Im confused lol

Pretty sure BZed meant a new clean comment to track them as the old one was getting quite lengthy.


Oh cus i was hitting the lonk and it just took me up a bit on this thread lol :person_shrugging: im totally down to show the Stats i usually do with 0 hits for or against, just wanted to make sure id ve doing it where it is wanted

Previous post (linked to new post) followed placement based on Zero Flags, Max 1000 points, Defence points @ 200 daily for 5 days of RT.

New post now tracks placement based on Zero Flags, Zero points, captured at the start of RT. The placement number under these conditions should be somewhat representative. Not accurate.

Edit: Brain fog finally lifted. :rofl::joy: after copious amounts of coffee. Meant Post. Not thread. :joy::rofl:


Ah lol that makes more sense, yeah ill keep posting with 0 hits for or against, im usually up late and can catch it in time

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No hits for or against

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Mine is 5 lower. I will use mine.