Trying to determine the number of global players

Think it’s a confluence of factors contributing to the gradual general decline :

  1. Player fatigue
  2. Player frustration
  3. The R-U War
  4. Covid restrictions easing

If there were 40,000 players who hit for zero damage - a very plausible scenario - then we could explain why position #8200 qualified for top 1%.

In fact, if we knew the lowest position that got the top 1% prize, then I think we could determine how many players are choosing to get zero scores with a fair amount of certainty.

At any rate, the zero scores are baked into all the results, not just June 2022. If there were X players getting zeros in June 2022, there were Y players doing so in May. X and Y may not be equal, but they don’t differ by an order of magnitude.

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Yup. That’s why I just take that position and only look at the trend, and it’s trending downwards. Still.

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This week tournament.

As Italian I’m glad that this week has been “won” by one of our greatest football players ever :it::soccer::smirk_cat:



Thank you ! :grin:

Updated as of 20/6/2022:
Compilation of RT participation,
Score 1000, Defence E :

30-8-2021 4* Bloody = 1145,360 (Mine)

6-9-2021 5* Rush, No R = 1133,805 (Mine)

13-9-2021 5* Buff, No Y = 1135,227 (Mine)

20-9-2021 4* Rush = 1128,826 (Mine)

11-10-2021 5* Rush, All = 1128,018 (Mine)

9-5-2022 4* Rush, All = 950,910 ( from UroSecondo)

23-5-2022 3* Buff, All = 944,079 (from Yhc)

30-5-2022 5* Rush, All = 959,392 (from Yhc)

6-6-2022 5* Bloody, No G = 941,245 (from scbrain)

13-6-2022 3* Rush, All = 923,335 (from Kikyo)

20-6-2022 4* Buff, No R = 922,263 (@UroSecondo)

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Another factor to consider is the attractiveness of the game to new players - it appears to me that is getting more difficult for new players to catch up with the game - so there are a smaller pool of new players to replenish a growing(?) number of retirees.

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Yup. Looks that way to me. Some have returned after their break. If they stay, it will help to slow down the decline.

  1. Economic downturn
  2. Chaotic Balance issues

  3. I believe for a very long time the introductory content for your supply of fresh blood has been high quality!
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Impossible to determine exactly why people choose to quit, but I know how I felt yesterday when I saw the proposed second costume for Quintus.


Top 1% cut off of player who participate this tournament

From @ffphier and @Slobix rank

The number of player seem to be somewhere between 956,300 - 1,016,200

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A total player number of 1,016,000 would mean 80-90k people intentionally getting (edit: lowest score possible.) Now that I type this, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

We need the rank from that Top 5% result to make a strong conclusion. The scores are so close that we can be relatively certain the break point is right there.

Nice to know that my guesstimate of about 100k players, with Defence E and 1000 points, is reasonable.

My concern is the decline in active participation, with players actually using flags. That’s why I look at the lowest rank for RT.

It is comforting to know that about 1 million opted in for RT. It is not as comforting to know that about 100k don’t bother to use their flags. That’s about 10%, significant enough.

The health of any game is measured by the level of active participation.


Those inactive players scored total of 1000 points with Defence Grade E. Not zero points. Not possible to get zero points for RT. 1000 is the lowest.

Ok, so this is beside the point here, as you are determining global ACTIVE players, but came across an inactive player with only 4 cups.
They were at global rank: 1 819 691

There should be >50m for ranking, at least >40m, based on app downloads.

For the last Mythic Titan the border of Top1% was about rank #8550.
Meaning that 855.000 players were considered active for that event.
From former Mythic Titans, I know that the % are NOT determined by attacking players. Active players are more than attacking players.


That number includes players like me: shoot 1 flag, zero damage. That rank for players like me is the border between those who used attack flags and those who didn’t.

If you consider me an active player, it’s your call.

It is not my call, but SG.
Just reported my findings of MT results and the implications for the player count.

Zynga is guided by their DAU and MAU. By their guidelines, I am considered active since I still log in daily.

In this case, I would use player participation for Rare tier in Challenge Events as a better gauge of active participation. It’s still 1m at least.

MT is a better gauge of interest for more experienced players.