Trying to determine the number of global players

The percent cutoffs don’t seem to line up with there being over 1M players.

Sorry I didn’t take a screenshot, but before my last attack I was showing as top 50% and somewhere around rank 210K. After my last attack, the game is now just showing my rank (instead of a percent) as 191K. I’m assuming this means I am now top 25%. If the cutoff for top 25% is at around rank 200K, that would imply there are about 800k participating.

Not sure how to reconcile that with the ranks over 1M

What i have for the league numbers


It was posted elsewhere, but it seems that people with no attacks count toward the bottom rank (participation), but do not count when calculating tier cutoffs.

Your experience suggests that there are 200k+ that are signed up and have not attacked yet


They are the w3k players.


Matches my record before I started using my attacks.


Got a highscore of rank 1,013,455 in round 1 of the hero league, did 0 attacks and lost 31 defense battles with my 1* team:


Mine was 1013,449 before I started using my attacks. Close enough.

Have recorded your count for my records. Thank you.


What i had for this tournament, forget to post it


Mine. Taken a few hours before reset.
Close enough.


MT participation is a new low. Currently place 6116, outside of top 1%.

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Too many events to me :sweat_smile:

In my case, tournament and CoE already drained out my energy so i attacked mystic only once :joy: no wonder if many choose not to attack at all

Looks that way. For now.

There’s usually a last minute rally about 2-3 hours before timer expires. About 4 more hours to go for this event.


@OGdirty1Kanobi did you manage to get this week’s RT number?

I forgot to SS before using 1 flag to clear POG task. :smirk:

Didn’t take a screenshot but it was around 713K

Thank you. Will use that number

I have 621,832 for final MT participation. Hope that helps @BlackZed!

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I got that too. Thank you for the info.

Haven’t gotten around to updating my records yet. It’s a slow lazy day today. :crazy_face:

We all need those slow and lazy days to survive. Hope you can enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face: you deserve it!

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One strong attack with battle items got me 399,718 damage, which translates to
rank 32,351 for single attack
rank 289,863 for total damage

The total damage is nothing to write home, but I’m a bit surprised that only 289,862 players were motivated enough to go for more than this 399,718 total damage.

It’s a sunset industry for MT. Numbers have declined slowly but surely. Unless Zynga manages to attract enough newbies and keep them playing for awhile.