Trying to decide if I want to keep playing

I have been playing this game for about a year now and I spend far too much money on gems. I wish the game would relax a bit on summons for all. Because once you collect a great team you have and spend a fortune it will get boring and that’s why people end up leaving the game. My thought is send offers to those that have teams built and have been loyal in spending and gaming. Allow alliance trading so you can grow and possibly gain new hero’s. I’m sure the old players are tired of the daily grind. Also make the training camps easier to acquire better hero’s especially when it takes forever to get to lvl 20. Do something please I like the people I have met but it’s becoming a chore for me and I have along way to go to level and I will spend money on gems but it’s becoming to much especially now with the virus in our lives. Send gem packages for loyal allow alliances to send gems daily. do something don’t just keep taking money and not giving back!!!

Hi @Mikela

You’ve covered a few very common suggestions

If you could contribute to these, that would be ideal, thanks

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