Trying to create an all five star purple team

So here’s the issue I have four really good five-star hero’s, And I want to ascend one more. I’m really intrigued to ascend Mok-Arr… yes I know 90% of you hate him. Thoth and grim I do not like then at all and will not ascend them. So here’s a list of what I have five stars and four stars included. What is your guys’ thoughts.

Costume Rigard.

Ignore the five stars.

This is a curios case in which 4* heroes worth the ascension materials rather than the 5*.

C. Rigard, c. Tiburtus and Ametrine would be excellent options.

If you wanna max a 5*, then Bera or Santana.




HAHAHA! Thanks for the good laugh. Santana - Special Skill - Guitar Solo - All enemies Air Guitar and can’t do damage for 4 turns.


Didn’t realize about that.

Now for some actual advice.

Bera or SARTANA would be your best two choices. If you want another sniper - Sartana. You want some variety with a hero whose minions give poison DoT every time they hit and generates them quickly, go Bera.

Out of the 2 I’d go Bera cause I like to experiment.

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Costume Santana is very cool. :wink:


cSartana would be my choice, otherwise Bera.


If I leveled up Bera would the poison damage stack with jabbers poison?

I always forget Jabber’s poison. Unless it says that the poison stacks, then most likely they’ll over write each other so good catch.

In my opinion, the one that has the best synergy with your current four 5* is without a doubt c.Rigard. But since you are asking for a 5*, I would go Bera.

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