Trying to create a 5* team

Can somebody please advise me? I think I’ve been pretty lucky and managed to get 3 5* blue heroes. Can somebody please advise me on which one would be better to ascend. I’ve already started to build one but I’m not sure if that is the better one. I also have a few other 5* heroes, please could somebody advise me on which ones to put into my five star team. Thanks.

Firstly you need 3tack for each color from your maxed 4*,you have plenty of it.
After that, you can level Fenrir (or Magni), Elena and Vivica, I think.

My two cents:
Holy: Vivica, then Malosi
Ice: Magni, then Fenrir (Fenrir is awesome but I think you’d get more use out of Magni until you have more 5 stars), then Master Lepus
Fire: Elena, then Guardian Kong

I would also listen to the advice above and focus on building up a stack of solid 4 stars first.
Mist, Boldtusk, G.Falcon are heroes you will use for a long long time. You are also quite inconsistent around your leveling, pick one and finish that, you seem to be spread out thin.

You should also max Wu Kong for titans.

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You can leave rares behind, but it’s not possible to jump over epics from rares to legends. You’ll get stuck.

Build a solid epic roster of say 15 and then start more legends. Since Magni is almost at a point where legends are like maxed epics, you can bring him up to 3.70 and use him with your upcoming epics.

Wu, Boldtusk, Mist, Grimm, Scarlet, Falcon

Yellow: Malosi, 4* healer Rigard is better than Vivica, Viv sadly is too slow.

Blue: I would level Lepus first, hits so hard. Magni is made of glass, meaning he dies easily. Fenrir is cool too, but his speacial just isn’t that useful most 5* kill over half dead enemies anyways.

That being said, level your 4* first! Those are your backbone in this game. 4* are better and stronger than 5* at 70/3. Not sure do you have final ascension mats for your 5*.It’s so easy to get exited about new heroes.

4* heroes, which you need are Grimm, Boldtusk, Kiril, Falcon, Wu Kong(if you don’t have Miki or Tarlak), Gormek(If you have Wilbur, you don’t need Gormek, Tiburtus, Rigard(better healer than some 5*)

I agree with the need of 4☆. I have only reccently maxed my first 5☆, is frustrating to wait, I know, but when I got enough good 4☆ I suddenly became able to do pretty much everithing in the game. Obviously, I raid in platinun, my scores against 8-9☆ titans are quite average and I don’t compete on events; but I could finish Atlantis, play Atlantis hard, I’m completing season III hard (though is difficult) and also rare quests, most of emblems tryals, costume event and seasonal events hard, as well as legendary tier on challenges. You may not do all this without enough 4☆, even with a 5☆ rainbown team maxed.
About your 5☆ team, I’ll probably do Vivica first because he is one of the few yellow healers, and she is a solid 5☆ healer, then Fenris because he is new and shinny, and probably as good sniper as Magni, and more durable. No opinion in red.
About your 4☆, as @Olmor and @rilian said you need at least 3 of each colour (so 15). My advice, you will want as much as possible 1 healer in each colour, and another one to have at least six for alliance war (two in each colour would be ideal, but before that you would need some hitters) and 1 deffense down in each colour. Appart from that, your prefference, but try to have at least one or two options of the main abilities (dispel, attak buff, cleanse, mana cut…) and variety between snipers and AOE. Also, ascend the heroes with rare useful abilitys assap (for instance G. Falcon because of his elemental deffense down, or Wu because of his 185% attak buff).

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Thank you for your message rilian. Please could you tell me what you mean by “3tack from your 4* for each colour”.
Many thanks

Thank you everybody for all your messages and your help. I think I should concentrate on a four-star team and forget about the five star for now.

Except Raids and War, which are the things that have been affected by Telluria. Unfortunately, as a veteran player, I can tell you that your game is never going to get better than it is now no matter who you level. In fact, it is going to get progressively worse and more frustrating. You’ll see. :slight_smile:

My point is that once you have a team that can compete for most of the non-PvP things in the game, you shouldn’t spend any more money or expect that your fun is going to increase. The game gets much, much worse from here on out. One way to mitigate that, which so many veteran players are doing, is to just forget Raids and War altogether.

We all have an optimistic view of what life will be like with 5* heroes, but that is turning out to be grossly untrue, even for top players with Telluria+20 (which will be your life from here on out if you keep progressing).

Advice for new players based on the state of the game now:

Stay in Platinum for raids
Spend no money once you have a decent variety of 4* heroes (VIP just hastens your run toward frustration and boredom)
Opt out of War

The rewards for raiding and wars are not fun or good, they are poor and frustrating. Learn from the experience of veteran players what you’re working toward.

95% of your roster are worthless 95% of the time, so what did you pay for?

The only heroes that matter in PvP are fully maxed and heavily emblemed 5* super rares. Your 3/70 and 4/80 5* are basically unusable in PvP now, and loot drops have been nerfed so badly that you’ll only advance maybe 1/year from each color if you’re playing full blast all day long every day with no breaks.

That’s the state of the game, and I hope more veterans join in the chorus warning new players to stick to the parts of the game that are still playable and reasonably fun. Even those parts will become horrible slogs if you’re getting frustrated wasting your time on the broken parts.

Three 4* heroes which can work together in 3/2

For example, Rigard, Tiburtus, Proteus is a purple 4* 3tack.

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