Trying to build a very strong all-round 4* team....problems in the Yellow zone...and may be elsewhere?

Hi Guys,

my roster is currently missing a very good Yellow Hero. In fact I do only have HU TAO (tier 3/60, skill 6/8) in my team and I am not satisfied that much by its performance.
I am planning to replace it but I don’t know which are the best ones to focus on, without waiting for centuries in order to ascend them (so I would focus on 4* ones…)

The team I am aiming to is the following, from left to right on the battle-ground:
I still have to level up SONYA because i just got her from Summon Portal together with GRIMM ( I already have THORNE in my roster but I don’t think it’s worth spending centuries trying to ascend him to get the most of its utility).
Kashrek is 3/60 tier, with 8/8 skill
Gormek is 3/1 tier, 5/8 skill
Rigard is 3/30 tier, 8/8 skill
Hu Tao is 3/60 tier, 6/8 skill

The idea is to focus on the strongest 4* heroes that perfectly fit together .

What do you think about that?

Hu Tao is not considered as the best yellow 4 star :slight_smile:
In Anchor’s list He’s only got a C nomination.

Wu Kong is considered the best yellow 4 star. If you can get him your titan can be spectacular better :slight_smile: So get him and make him go to tier 4. Whenever there is a special event for yellow you can get guardian jackal. He’s very nice too.

Wu Kong is unique and incredibly valuable for events and titans. If you can get him he should be your priority.
For a general purpose yellow hero though, Chao is the best normal 4* yellow available outside events. He’s a decent alternative if Wu refuses to appear for you.

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