True or false fact

Just put something here. The post is either true or false. THese statements mus be controllable.

Not “Boldtusk is Married to Misandra”, cause we haven’t enough information.

What i do know is that Telluria is a green tank

Next person must react on this and put a new true or false fact.

A tank that heals and deals. Very satisfying.

True fact: although westerners usually use a 2 valued logic system, {true, false}, there’s an 4-valued logic system from old India that’s more reasonable {true, false, unknown, unknowable}


False. It’s not known, and there’s no way of knowing this.

Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis is the best game ever made.

tx for reacting… just 2 be sure… anything to do with the game?

as a matter of fact it’s three… unknowable isn’t included so false…

and four vallued is A4 : Its possible values are true , false , both (true and false), and neither (true nor false).

Post from @Kayo : that’s just your personal observation. No true or false.

Back to the game…

Aife has higher hp than Derric

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Some voices said that if you pull two troops in a row with silver tokens and then you summon with an EHT, Gems or whatever other resource you get a 5*

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False. At least for me…heard it and tried it.

Telluria for Delilah is like Seshat for Domitia.

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