TRUE KILLAZ RISEN - 4 spots open, going fast

TRUE KILLAZ RISEN is looking to fill it’s roster with 4 big hitters looking for long term commitment! We’ve had our far share of temp and mercs but we are looking for people to hit hard, grow and share a laugh! Our goal is to reach the top 100! Come join us.

We have members frequently ranking in the top 10 global and a few (4-5) developing members who soon enough will be hitting just as hard.

Slaying 11 star titans easily even at 26 members and were downing 12*s before we lost some key members. We frequently reach the 2nd harpoon tier. Lots of mats being earned!

We coordinate tanks, war strategy in waves and have one awesome member making an in-depth analysis after each war, showing where and how to improve. We have been hitting well above our weight and defeated much stronger alliances in the past. We are using line to communicate - not required, but definitely better to have.

All we ask is that you hit the titan at log on, opt out of war if there is a risk you can’t use all flags and have a good time.


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