Trouble with the Chat feature?

I downloaded the game about, oh, 4-5 days ago? Been thoroughly enjoying it by the by. :smile: But for some reason the chat function refuses to work for me under any circumstance, whether I’m in an Alliance or not.

The only thing displayed at the bottom of my screen is a text bar with a buffering icon like so:

I figured this was a feature to keep newbies from spamming or asking ignorant questions until they had a basic grasp of the game, but 10 levels later and I started to think something was wrong. Joined an Alliance to see if that would rectify the issue but it didn’t. Reinstalling the app didn’t fix it either.

Is this an iOS thing? I’m playing on an iPhone 6.

It does the same to me am I doing something wrong that idk

It worked briefly for the first time today for a few minutes. Exited the app and when I came back it went right to buffering again. I’m not sure what the problem is. :pensive:

I reported the same bug below yours. I think it has to do with cellular data. Chat works while you are on WiFi.

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