Trophy room

How about adding a trophy room, a gallery of some sort, where we could see in detail all our defeated foes just like we can see our owned heroes? You defeat a primal lizard? Add it to the gallery so you can see it any time you want in full screen. You defeat an emperor dragon? To the gallery it goes! You defeat the 8/7 yeti or the dark lord? Same story! Add a brief description for each one!


Bestiary should be in game, I reallt like this idea


Honestly? No. Lot’s of work for a few players reading a short basic note to those monsters.
If they want to add more to the story they could do it on an Empire & Puzzles website.

I like it! It would be interesting to peruse from when you started playing to the present of all the monsters/titans/heroes you have taken down.

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I have made something of a similar pitch in the past, but never seem to have gotten any traction.

Except it was really just on the alliance aspect on Titans slain or yet to be slain. Sort of give a sense/showcase of achievement an alliance would build since the inception.

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