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Hello, from last two updates of game, my battle vs other players is redicilios to me . I am with power 4040+ of my defence team and lvl 43 and I loose battles of lvl 28 with power 3300 … and I can’t revenge, because he beat my team of 4040+ power like his power is not 3300 . It seem his power is more of 4200. How it can be normal ? What I need to do to play vs normal players? From last night I loose more 250 trophies till 2301. I will not fight to see where I go with this game. Anyone can aswer me it is normal ???

It is very normal to drop hundreds of trophies overnight. It is also normal for someone’s defence team to be different than the one they attack with. It is part of the game.

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A few things about raids:

  • Nobody is unbeatable. There is no defense that could accomplish such thing, even if you manage to get a complete team 5* 4^80+20 and lvl 30 troops.
  • The higher you climb in the leader board, the faster you will fall. Ask anybody who breaks into top 100 and they will tell you how many times get attacked in half hour.
  • The more trophies you have, the easier you become in a fat juicy target for those who want to climb in the ranking.
  • Team power means almost nothing. Is just a number that doesn’t reflect numerous and powerful factors from a team. You could easily beat someone 500-600 TP above you by color stacking, running a monochromatic team in example. Maybe 50% of times :smile:
  • And last, the team you see in your enemies profile is just their defense team. There’s no way to know what team did they use to attack you.

PS: trophies come and go, enjoy your revenges!

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Hahahah thank you for this logical answer in game where don`t have any logic. Before last two updates, I have strong team. Now I have crap… I was putvsome money in this game. Now I am disappointed of me for that. Have a nice game whit this answer s :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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