Trophy Numbers Not Matching

I’ve never seen this before but under my profile my current Trophies level is different than my level reported in Alliance or while raiding. A restart has not fixed anything.

After I was attacked, the numbers now match. Strange error.

For reference the number reported in my profile was the incorrect one.

FWIW, there’s probably a bit of lag in reported count due to the size of the scale of the information the in the datebase(s). I’ve noticed something similar happens sometimes in rankings when you crack the top 100. Your profile rating will say like “67”, but when you go to the top 100, you don’t appear at 67 right away.

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Just restart the game and all will be OK w/o another one attack

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Restarting the game did not fix the error. It wasn’t until my trophy count changed that the numbers agreed.

I’m certain this wasn’t a lag issue. My trophy counts were different for over 30 minutes until I was attacked.

My guess is that the trophy count in your profile and overall are stored in different databases or tables. Some type of error prevented my profile from updating correctly and it wasn’t until the next update that the database had the correct information. I figured the data was pulled from the same source but it must not be.

I’ve had the same thing a couple of times. Restarting the game helped

This has happened to me again and I know when. This happens when a raid against my team is still occurring, even when I am logged in. I then do a raid of my own. The opponent finishes their raid while I’m raiding another. When I exit my raid, the trophy count in my profile will not reflect my last raid outcome.

I have experienced it multiple times and reporting it in the forum and support. They say it is only visual.


Ok, so this is not my area of expertise, but I imagine it working something like this:

Assumption: there are “real-time” portions of the database and other parts that are not updated instantaneously.

When you finish a raid and see your trophy score, I think this is updated instantly and is the current actual trophy score. Also I think the raid screen and watchtower screen display this trophy score.

I think making the database keep the rankings up to date instantaneously would be hugely difficult. While it’s trying to rearrange your spot, the data around you is also changing.

So the way I imagine the rankings being updated is this:

  1. grab a copy of all the current trophy scores and move it to a separate table
  2. sort these scores
  3. update the trophy score ranking display
  4. repeat

So I’m not sure how long it would take to run this subroutine, and I’m not sure if it goes back to the copy step as soon as it’s finished, or if it only runs periodically (once every X minutes?)

Anyone who’s an actual database programmer, feel free to correct me :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not a database programmer. I have a little experience with (much smaller) databases from back in the days before the GUI was invented when you had to write in SQL to do a query :wink:

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