Trophy Limit Question


I have become the defacto leader of a growing alliance. We would like to institute a trophy threshold on our future members but don’t want any current members below the threshold to be booted. If I changed the trophy minimum to 200 will it kick any current members out or will they grandfather since they are already members? I don’t want to lose some of growing players since several are our members kids. Thanks for your help!


They will be grandfathered, no worries.

(Unless something changed in the last update I was unaware of? We upgraded to 800 trophies a week or so ago, and lost no members.) :wink:


Ah, 7 months ago, so much has changed!

We now really only have team power as a prerequisite now. Thanks for answering though.


Nevermind don’t know how I winded up at this post or why the forums suggested me to come here lol I didn’t pay attention to the date… guess I need to start thanks :joy::joy::joy: